Has Arsenal boss done another Ramsey with Bendtner?

If Arsene Wenger can turn around the Arsenal career of Nicklas Bendtner, it would be an absolute miracle, but if anyone can do it, then Le Professeur is certainly the man. After all, Wenger has done this sort of thing before, most recently with the man of the moment Aaron Ramsey.

It is strange that every Arsenal fan seems to think that they were really on the young Welsh internationals side and always believed he would come good, because I seem to remember a time when his inclusion on the team sheet would have the average Gooner reaching for the panic button.

The fact that Wenger stuck with Ramsey has been proved right, but the manager was getting slaughtered for continuing to play him in the last couple of seasons and Ramsey must have been aware of the groans and shouts of frustration from his own fans when he put a pass wrong or shot wide of goal. One of the only things Ramsey had going for him then was the unflinching support of his manager, and the same can be said of Bendtner this season.

The big Dane took the first step to proving Wenger right on Wednesday, with a goal and a very good performance considering his lack of games in the last tear or two. Wenger has spoken about his qualities and how he always believed he could cut the mustard as a Gunner, and Bendtner seems to be responding in kind.

Forhet winning the title this season, forget the invincibles. If Bendtner turns his Arsenal career around and gets the fans back on track like Ramsey has done, it will be the most amazing thing that Wenger has ever done.

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