Has Arsene Wenger decided to give in to Walcott’s demands?


Arsenal lost Robin Van Persie last summer but Arsene Wenger decided to keep faith that Theo Walcott would sign an extension at the Emirates despite also entering the last year of his contract.

But Walcott has so far still failed to re-sign, and although the England international has announced that he wants Wenger to play him in the centre-forward position, Peter Hill-Wood has countered by saying that Arsenal won’t meet his wage demands.

The only way we will find out if Walcott is telling the truth will be if Wenger DOES make him centre-forward for a few games and see if he is a success.

he Frenchman now seems to think that it is a good idea. “I always said he will be striker,” Wenger said. “He’s a good finisher now. He knows where to be on the rebounds. That is the quality of a striker you can’t give to someone, they either have it or they don’t.”

“I want to keep him,” Wenger concluded. “I think aside from the contract talks, you have to give him credit for the way he is committed to the team, and for the way he behave.”

The only problem with this statement is that it sounds nearly exactly what Wenger said about Robin Van Persie last summer, and all the best Sportsbooks are saying that Walcott will be moving to Chelsea or Liverpool on a free transfer at the end of the season.

I can’t see him getting his wish to be a striker at either of those teams, so perhaps he really will stay at Arsenal?

5 thoughts on “Has Arsene Wenger decided to give in to Walcott’s demands?

  1. I agree with Wenger interview.and we all wish to see Theo in centre-position attack b’coz he has ability of a good finisher!!Plz Theo,sign for ARSENAL!

  2. If Theo stays it will be a miracle. Stan Kroenke has introduced the Wall mart philosophy at Arsenal. Everyone who is a good player at Arsenal is for sale at the right price. I do believe that every player has the ambition to win cups and no player would want to go along with Arsenals philosophy. This is the other reality which Wenger and co ignores, apart from the economic crisis that is.

  3. Theo Walcot !!!
    Wenger should please give him a try and the Board to try reach an agreement with Theophilous Walcot.
    TW14 is ready to burst and be the great player everyone was dreaming of. This is TW14 season.

  4. Walcott has been given lots of oppirtunities as a striker. It shows how long people have been an Arsenal fan if they can’t remember how crap he was. Go back to the Adebayor wonder season and see Walcott up front in a 442 with Bentner, and the season before.

    If Walcott was any good as a striker, Wenger would have him being one. Wenger doesn’t even try when we’re desperate in the last 10mins. Instead he brings on Arshavin.

  5. Maybe he has,maybe he has not.At the moment though,his main concern would be why we are playing like a mid-table club.

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