Has Champions League sealed the transfer of Remy to Arsenal?

As Olivier Giroud was scoring his 22nd goal of the season yesterday, as Arsenal recorded a narrow win over West Bromwich Albion, the cameras picked out a familiar face in the Emirates crowd. Loic Remy, who has been linked with a transfer to Arsenal since before he joined QPR last January, has set the rumour mill buzzing by being at the Gunners’ game, so does this mean that he will be playing for us next season?

The timing could be significant. After he scored for Newcastle on Saturday, the late kick off saw Everton finally blow their chance of beating Arsenal to the top four. That ensured Arsenal another season in the Champions League, assuming that we get through the play-offs, and that is what Remy has already spoken about.

He does have a release clause with QPR, but it is only around £8 million so could easily be met by his loan club Newcastle, where he is settled, But the lure of a big club and, more importantly, Champions League football could have made up the French striker’s mind to come to Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger denied all knowledge of Remy’s attendance at the match, but I’m not sure we should believe it. He would bring some pace to the team up front and, although with 14 goals his tally is less than Giroud’s, he has missed quite a bit of the season and his goals per game ratio is better. So is Wenger set to trigger that release clause?

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One thought on “Has Champions League sealed the transfer of Remy to Arsenal?

  1. For 12m we could land remy and vela. For me that is a no brainedr, as if either didn’t work out, we wouldceasily make our money back. If we signed both we could accommodate them.in the 25 man squad and cover the wages comfortably by releasing bendtner, then loaning out ryo, sanogo, akpom and park

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