Has Mesut Ozil got too comfortable at Arsenal?


The contract negotiations between Arsenal and their star players was put on hold for a while due to non agreement on the terms offered but just last week, rumours had it that Arsenal had resumed negotiations with Ozil, with the intention to offer him the increase in wages he is demanding for! Nothing was mentioned about Sanchez.

It is a good thing if Ozil will be given the money he is asking for but if money is all Ozil needed to remain as an Arsenal player, and then I will say it is a shame! Arsenal is not showing any ambition as a big club and a big player like Ozil should not give the club a pat on the back by accepting their financial offer without critically asking them questions about their ambitions as a big team. Is this a case of Ozil accepting that he is not good enough to play in a club that is all about winning trophies or he is just trying to secure his future after football financially? Whatever it is, Ozil needs to start thinking like a big player!

Mesut Ozil is a German international who has won trophies with the German national team and also with several other clubs before joining Arsenal. Real Madrid was the last club he played for before joining Arsenal and he played in a team who had a coach and players with the winning mentality. He won trophies and his coming to Arsenal was probably because he wanted a new challenge. Since coming to Arsenal, he has won two FA cup titles and two community shields. That should not be something to make a player like Ozil comfortable! He should aspire for more and push Arsenal to aspire to win more.

Accepting to remain at Arsenal after being offered more money may go a long way in painting him as a player who is so comfortable with the way things are at Arsenal, as long as his wages demands are met! We don’t need such players at Arsenal, we need players who will look Wenger in the eyes and ask him to step up his game before committing to Arsenal. A player with ambitions is all we want. But then, money is the name of the game, isn’t it?

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