Has Wenger delayed Wilshere’s return on purpose?


The young England star Jack wilshere has been making his Arsenal comeback since January, but Arsene Wenger keeps saying that he is recovering well, but not quite fast enough for him to get back on the pitch.

I would like to suggest after last night’s statement from the Arsenal boss, that he is playing a game of merge poker with Jack on one side and the England team on the other.

Wenger said yet again last night that Wilshere’s ankle was ‘fine’ but still refuses to let him train. The Frenchman said last night: “Jack Wilshere will not play again this season and will not go to the European Championships. That is for sure,”

“He is not ready to practice today or next week. His ankle is fine and he makes progress, but it is slow progress. We had a chat about that this week. His progress is not quick enough to go to the Euros.

“Jack is devastated. What kept him going was that he felt, even if he could not play with us, he had a good chance of going to Euro 2012. That is over now. But Jack is mentally strong and he is already working hard ahead of next season.”

Now I’m not saying that I WANT Wilshere to risk his recovery by playing in the Euros, but I AM suggesting that Wenger has strung everyone along to make SURE that he can’t be picked for England.

Am I just being a conspiracy theorist, or could it be true?

1 thought on “Has Wenger delayed Wilshere’s return on purpose?

  1. Can’t agree with that. It’s not Wengers decision to make – It’s Jacks. If he felt he could play for England then he would play for England. The guy loves football and there is no way he would just not go to save himself for Arsenal.

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