The Arsenal team that Arsene Wenger has picked to start today’s game against the out of form, low on confidence and eminently beatable Sunderland has two glaring omissions in my opinion. And the 65-year old could face a lot of questions from the Arsenal fans and football media if the Gunners do not play well and win the game.

One player that I think should be starting is the best finisher at the club Lukas Podolski. The German has been crying out to play more and has just won us an unlikely three Champions League points, so I do no really understand why Wenger has put him on the bench again.

The other is Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman is fit again and with Jack Wilshere serving a one match ban, I am simply stunned that Rambo is on the bench. Especially after Ramsey told Arsenal PLayer this week that he has great memories of Sunderland as his goals against them last season sparked his amazing run of form.

It might not make sense, but how often do we see a player having a favourite team to play against? I bet that Poyet and Sunderland can’t believe their luck at Wenger leaving Ramsey and Podolski on the bench. Has the boss dropped the ball badly on this one?

1 thought on “Has Wenger dropped the ball TWICE with Arsenal team pick?

  1. Rambo has been great last season, not sure if it is a fluke.

    But he is back to his usual level now. Mis-passes, shooting blanks, not productive.

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