Has Wenger revealed a HUGE mistake in striker pursuit?

Here we all are still waiting for Arsene Wenger to sign another striker, with Arsenal having to rely on either the unpredictable Theo Walcott or the inexperienced Chuba Akpom to lead the line against Liverpool at the weekend. It remains to be seen whether another forward arrives before the transfer window shuts but we have already been linked with a number of quality front men, to no avail.

One of these was the Swedish international star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has since joined the Jose Mourinho era at Manchester United, impressing so far and scoring the winning goal as United beat Leicester City in the Community Shield yesterday.

Wenger was talking about the Swede last week before the game and as reported by Sky Sports he suggested that Ibrahimovic might struggle in the Premier League due to his age of 34 years. The Frenchman admitted that he really had no idea how the big striker would get on this season and that could be the reason we did not go for him, despite his contract with PSG running out and making him available on a free transfer.

Wenger said, “Honestly I don’t know [how he will get on].

“Going for him is his class, his talent, his desire to do well. What goes against him is that he is not the youngest player anymore, so you are questioned about that in every game.

“From what I saw of him last year at Paris Saint-Germain, it was his most complete season as an individual player and as a team player. He became a really great team player last season.

“On the mental aspect he will bring something to Man United as well. He is a winner, he has charisma and he will give them a strength as well as his individual quality.”

So has Wenger made a big mistake in not going for Ibrahimovic? If Arsenal struggle in front of goal again and Zlatan keeps scoring, questions will certainly be asked…

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2 thoughts on “Has Wenger revealed a HUGE mistake in striker pursuit?

  1. Unfortunately, you actually think Wenger gives a rats a*se about what people think. Even if he is wrong, he will not admit it. More importantly, the board are so scared of Wenger and do not have the backbone to challenge and over-ride him!

    Wenger talks so much about his four points when investing in a player.
    First of all: Zlatan would be free!
    Second: the number of shirts sold would pay for his 10 to 100 fold. This has already been proven. Zlatan sold more shirts in one week than his annual cost!
    Thirdly: Wenger is ok, paying benchwarms (yes Theo, and others 100k+ a week or injured players 80k+ like Rosisky, Arteta and Flamini, a total cost of 250k a week for those three alone) but not invest in players that can actually help the club
    Fourthly: It is time for the club to challenge Wengers loyalty to players mentallity!!

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