Have Arsenal been hit by the ‘Chelsea Bug’?


For those Arsenal fans that are too young to remember Dean Martin, he was a member of the famous Rat Pack that included Frank Sinatra and who were all big stars in the 50s and 60s that really liked to party. Deano, who was a famous booze hound, came out with some brilliant one liners and one of them about a famously straight laced singer called Pat Boone went like this.

He said, “I once shook hands with Pat Boone and my whole right side sobered up.”

Funny and daft – but I remembered it today when I was thinking about how Arsenal have failed to score a goal at home since Chelsea came to town a few weeks back. I reckon the Gunners have been hit by the Chelsea bug. Not only are we now more cautious and have slipped back into the old ways of passing the ball around the opposition penalty area, but I think we have become too worried about a breakaway goal.

01/03/15 Arsenal 2 – 0 Everton
14/03/15 Arsenal 3 – 0 West Ham United
04/04/15 Arsenal 4 – 1 Liverpool
26/04/15 Arsenal 0 – 0 Chelsea
11/05/15 Arsenal 0 – 1 Swansea City
20/05/15 Arsenal 0 – 0 Sunderland

I am not just making things up here either, because the exact same thing happened to Man United. A 1-0 loss when they dominated the game with 80% possession was followed by a glaring lack of goals. So how do Arsenal shake off this Chelsea bug? I wish I knew but Arsene Wenger needs to find a doctor quickly!

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