Have Arsenal changed their style of play with Giroud?


I have noticed in the last season or two how the “Arsenal style” of football has changed at the club. In the past before Barcelona became so dominant in Europe it was simply our style of play before Pep Guardiola turned up and stole it.

I think we have turned down the passing play recently and began to mix it up a bit like Man United do. If the balanced passing style is so successful for United then why cant it work for Arsenal?

Since Olivier Giroud arrived last summer, that is when I actually noticed the change, he is a big striker who prefers the ball played in the air. He seems like the perfect striker to get on the end of crosses from the wingers such as Gervinho and Podolski. Giroud has been criticised at points during the season because of his constant failure to hit the target in front of goal but I personally like him and think he is an excellent striker. A striker shouldn’t just be somebody who hangs around up front and waits for a shot which is a single contribution to the game. A striker should look to play the midfield in and help the rest of the team out like Giroud does, he gets his fair share of shots and he isn’t the best finisher but he has scored plenty of goals this season.

Walcott on the wing may have scored more goals this season but has struggled for regular game time. Arsenal could still benefit from another striker or two but Giroud is underrated and deserves more respect from the Arsenal fans.

I cannot say that Giroud is the only reason that the style of play has changed. New players have influenced new passing styles and the way the team mixes it up is definitely a good thing. Teams will not expect Arsenal to just play the ball along the ground anymore and we can surprise them with our swift counter-attacks.

Do you want Arsenal to go back to the old style of play or continue the mix-it-up style that has been adopted this season?

4 thoughts on “Have Arsenal changed their style of play with Giroud?

  1. I prefer d former beautiful football we used to play….. We used to hav a lot of attempt at goal wen playin dat style… And Premier league teams used to be scared of us then bcos of our passin game

  2. I loved our old style of play but if we have to adapt for the better iam not against it

  3. Any team without plan B is not gud team at all!
    Our old style of play ar very gud, but we alwayz find it difficult 2 win whn our opponet defended very well or whn we down 2 ten men.
    I think wot matter most is d team we play against, if we knw there weakness we’ll just capitalize on it nd do anything it takes 2 win our game, instead of abide 2 one pattern of play lyk Barca

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