Have Arsenal fans given up on Wenger buying a striker?

Arsene Wenger has delivered a massive shock to the Arsenal faithful, by announcing that he has no real plans to sign a striker this summer!

Back before the Euro’s had started it seemed as if a move for a striker was Wenger’s biggest priority. We attempted to secure Vardy early in the summer, before being rejected by the Englishman. Moves then also failed for Morata, Lukaku, Higuain and Janssen just to name a few, whilst it now seems as if Lacazette may be off the cards, with Wenger seemingly no longer interested in signing a striker.

Wenger told the media: ‘I don’t count in numbers as squad too big, I am looking at no other areas apart from centre back, it’s about quality. If we find top quality, I will strengthen. We have lost three centre backs because Laurent Koscielny is also not ready and out of the game but I believe we are equipped to do well. Transfer wise, as soon as we do something we will inform you.’

Of course Wenger is knowingly looking for a centre back to sign and the Gunners are supposedly close to signing Valencia’s Mustafi, whilst reports of Barcelona’s Mathieu and West Brom’s Evans also remain in the papers. But how can he not be looking at signing a striker, when it’s so desperately obvious we need one? It’s not even the point that Giroud isn’t adequate for scoring the number of goals we need from him in each competition, in fact I’ve said time and time again that Arsenal should be looking to keep Giroud on the books because he can be a valuable option. But with Welbeck consistently injured, Walcott consistently INCONSISTENT (the irony) and Akpom and co just not being ready to lead the line, then we are so desperate to have at least one more striker on our books.

As mentioned already it seems as if a move for Lacazette must have broken down because it was only last week that a deal seemed highly likely to be struck. It also suggests that Arsenal’s interest in Mahrez may no longer be present as well, which is a big blow to the fans because many were excited at the idea of having the PFA Player of the Year linking up with the team.

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4 thoughts on “Have Arsenal fans given up on Wenger buying a striker?

  1. There were good times at the beginning of Wenger’s tenure but in the last 5 or 6 years there seems to be gradual decline in satisfaction by Arsenal fans. Wenger’s way of doing business is not open and in some cases not sensible. When a car’s engine starts wearing out it does not get better…..it worsens. Time to go mate.

  2. What i find most baffling is the fact that fans keep on turning up for matches and filling up the stadium. Let’s have a total and complete boycott of the matches and lets see how much longer Wenger can go playing before an empty pitch before taking the fans seriously

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