It is a well documented problem for Arsenal Football Club that we have no real signings yet and that is causing a slight morale issue with Arsenal fans. We at least have young French striker Yaya Sanogo in the bag, who will hopefully turn into a top striker in the near future.

We began the summer with such hope and optimism about big name players and big fees spent. Actual club officials spoke about us having £70 million or more to spend, which certainly seemed to be a step in the right direction.

The Gonzalo Higuain saga was a big disappointment considering that Napoli have him and we have an empty space in our squad. We also seem to have missed out on the likes of Wayne Rooney, Stevan Jovetic and even Robert Lewandowski. Now the attention is turned to Luis Suarez but I am not too confident in being able to sign him.

I would have to say that we are probably the least prepared club in the entire league at this point. Everybody else has conducted a significant amount of business already and allowed their new players time to blend with the squad and even get some game time in pre-season friendlies.

We have had rocky starts for the last few seasons as it is, and if we end up with a couple of emergency transfers on the last day of the season, it could be a disaster. How is it that once again, Arsenal are lagging behind the rest of the league and are significantly unprepared for the new season? Have Wenger and co. forgotten how to spend money?

1 thought on “Have Arsenal forgotten how to spend money?

  1. I think many arsenal fans forget that afc are not entirely in the champions league yet! yes it’s frustrating but arsenal have to qualify for champions league then suarez and afc have an argument but until afc ain’t got through Liverpool don’t have to sell or can request what they want hence 100mil. Personally I think wenger knows once arsenal are through then Liverpool have to sell for 40 million because of the clause which states a champions league team bar Man U which afc fall into. Also if you look what’s come out of Liverpool is that nobody has denied this clause they have just called afc a rival which is true because afc haven’t reached the cl proper but when they do Liverpool have to sell. I also think that’s why saurez and agent has been quiet they are just waiting for arsenal to get through. Lastly wenger has said that it won’t go through until after the champions league qualifier. Arsenal fans patience is a virtue

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