Although it has not been announced on the official Arsenal website yet, it appears that Arsene Wenger has wrapped up another first team transfer for the Gunners. The player who will soon be joining Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy in moving to the Emirates, is 19-year old Calum Chambers from Southampton, in a deal that will cost Arsenal around £7 million according to a report in The Mirror.

The reason I wonder whether Arsenal have gone for the right man from the Saints, is that the teenager is mainly known as a right back and there are at least two of his team mates at Southampton that I think would have been better signings for Arsenal.

I am not having a go at the lad, because he seems to be a great prospect. There are also suggestions that Wenger may be signing him to play in different roles, because the versatile youngster can also play in the centre of de3fence and as a defensive midfielder.

But if we wanted a defensive midfielder, why not go for Morgan Schneiderlin? And if we wanted a centre back, why not challenge Liverpool for Dejan Lovren? And if the youngster is coming to challenge Debuchy for the right back role, what is to stop us having another Carl Jenkinson type of situation in a couple of years? What do you think of this transfer news, Gooners, have we gone for the wrong man?

7 thoughts on “Have Arsenal signed the wrong Saint in Chambers?

  1. There comes a time when supporters should learn to trust their manager even when they do not understand what he is doing. Wenger has done enough in the past to earn that trust. Chambers is at such an age that his game can be adapted. If he already play CD and DM well, then he could have been signed for one of those positions. It is also exciting that Jenkinson is a gunner at heart. If he is consdered incapable of doing the job for us and he is sold or loaned, then I have to learn to live with it.

  2. No mate, this time Wenger appear to have lost it. Buying a player in a position we have too many and leave one where we have been crying for? We have been crying out for a DM and now we have 5 FBs what for

    1. You haven’t a clue what the reasons are for signing another fullback if we do sign him, you haven’t a clue what is behind Wengers thinking. Just wait and see what happens before opening your stupid mouth, you just make yourself look an idiot.

  3. Give that man a breather, mate… I think you’re not the coach and I’m so sure he knows Chambers’ position(s) before he went for him, so please spare us those ramblings.

  4. ℓ̊ don’t think its a wrong buy. We need †̥☺ see prospect from a different view. Just as you have rightly said the lad is a versatile player that can play across the back four. Signing him might not necessary mean as a DM. †̥☺ go for Lovren might be a long process, remembering the fact that we need a center defender that will understudy BFG and Kolcieny. And been versatile is a plus on him. ℓ̊ believe we are still in for Schnerderlin. Kudos †̥☺ AW this is a new dawn Arsenal

  5. Well first of all.. If we sign Dejan Lovren how will he fit into the team? I know he’s a good cb but we already have the perfect central defensive partnership.. I’m just saying he should not be brought just for backup

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