Hazard thinks Ronaldo, Messi, and erm, Gervinho, are world’s best!


After teasing media and fans alike over his prospective club destination in the off-season, new Chelsea recruit Eden Hazard has made another quick move to the top of the tabloids with a revelation that former Lille teammate Gervinho is his footballing inspiration.

Proving that he can contest Mario Balotelli in a competition for stories which provide the most laughs, 21-year old Hazard compared the Arsenal flop to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, whose videos Hazard watches in hopes of emulating them, adding that the Ivorian is the best player player he has ever played with.

Gervinho, like Hazard, shone effusively for Lille before moving to English shores last summer, albeit with a lesser sense of hesitancy over which club to pick. The Ivorian however quickly went from a top prospect to a relative flop, making only 25 appearances in the Premier League, many of those from the bench, scoring just four goals in all competitions for the North London side.

Hazard didn’t stop short of mentioning that Gervinho taught him a few things, and suggested that the Arsenal man always makes the right runs on the football field, a bit baffling considering the number of times he got them wrong for the Gunners last term.

If Gervinho is the man Hazard is looking to emulate in the league next season, Chelsea might not be fully pleased with the value they will get for the reported £32 million they have spent for the starlet, who has a reputation for being rather unprofessional at times.

15 thoughts on “Hazard thinks Ronaldo, Messi, and erm, Gervinho, are world’s best!

  1. Stop knocking Gervinho, he started well for Arsenal and finished ok just had no confidence in front if goal. This was because he missed the penalty in the final of the African nations cup. In that tournament he was voted ivory coasts best player and scored a cracking goal to help Ivory coast get to the final. It takes a season to adjust in the premier league for some players so cut him some slack. Don’t knock a player who is proud to wear the shirt of the club we love. Judge him after next season please.

  2. It’s Gervinho’s first season and he did okay. Why would you call him a flop. You were definitely among those who called Koscielny a flop in his first season. Gervinho will get very good next season if he spends a lot of time in the Gym, get his confidence back and learn to shoot more…. He’ll prove you wrong just like Koscielny proved you wrong

  3. gervinho is gonna come good soon, trust hazard. he might even be better than him. the fact that he diddn’t hit the ground running in his 1st season with arsenal isn’t a reason to despise him. This is EPL, remember. And who doesn’t know how tough it is here for newcomers.

  4. gervino was a good buy, he loves arsenal and didnt keep us wairing, give somtime he will click, and every team will want him, i trust he will prove his wwworth

  5. Its hard to make an impact during the first season in the PL. We as fans should give gervinho another chance. I believe that gervinho could help arsenal massively next season. We need the right combination of players, you can’t expect him to create magic all alone. The midfield needs to get strengthened add one more versatile defender a back up goalie arsenal COULD be title contenders next season. Personally I’m suprised that people are saying arsenal should buy players so that RVP would stay… The team needs to get strengthened whether or not he stays… i know im rambling back to gervinho. He has shown glimpes of quality he needs to regain his confidence. And plus a friendly rivalry might be what he needs. In gervinho we could have a world class player YES I SAID COULD

  6. who is this guy that posted this stuff. dont say that about gervinho, atleast he started very well b4 going 4 nations cup, he had close to 6 to 8 assist which rvp praised him. he can’t just b bad overnight. its jus a season compared to hw long walcot had stayed in arsenal. u guys hv a big prob, u jus demoralise players. thats y pple like adebayor,nasri etc will alwz b enemy of arsenal fans cos of ur write-ups. a player to b bought for 32m is saying somethg abt anoda player n u r here writing trash, pls give a break

  7. Have chelski got such an excellent deal – maybe, but it is worth remembering that last summer Arsene stole Lille’s lined up replacement for Hazard

    Who I hear many ask – why Ju-young Park of course.

  8. Who cares what Hazard think. Look at the team he chose. Check our youth wilshire ox coquelin who would have been playing round him. He’s a MUG. However, Gervinho is NOT a flop. Gervinho got round every full back he encountered this season… first season. Where Barton and African pens and no full backs set him back. He is not a flop. He is a good footballer. Ask anyone who plays football. Ask any fullback because they all struggled to contain him. Once he starts scoring like rosicky did you’ll see how good he is… coz it’s his finish and every player goes through that. Oh, and does make excellent runs consistently.

  9. If Hazard thinks Gervinho is a great player then he really does not know who is a good player. If what he displays in the Premier league and in France then it tells me that the French league is way below par. Gervinho is a big mistake for arsenal because he is another misbuy by wenger

  10. Gervinho needs time. I think it’s expected of him to play better next season. Let’s see..

  11. Gervinho is not a bad player. He started very well, and created a lot of chances. Not many players can get around players in the box. Gervinho will be a great player for arsenal im sure of it

  12. GERVINHO is NOT a flop. He is a very good front man and he only lost his confidence in the Africa cup of nations where he missed a penalty. That was the TURNING POINT bt I believe he’ll come back nxt season much STRONGER n prove u HATERS wrong.

  13. gervinho is a gud player. U can just com 2 epl and blossom. Am sure,gervinho wil b gr8 next season. Arsenal 4 lyf

  14. GERVINHO is NOT a flop. GERVINHO is a HUGE flop.
    GERVINHO is a HUGE flop.
    GERVINHO is a HUGE flop.

    GERVINHO is a HUGE flop.

    GERVINHO is a HUGE flop.

  15. jervinho is one of arsenal player i luv most.let wait till next season i think we will see the best of him.

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