Henry Heals Fans Hearts While Praising RVP

Former Arsenal legendary striker Thierry Henry thinks that Dutchman Robin Van Persie has the chance to have a statue of himself if he keeps this up. The Frenchman remembered the way Robin was when he first came at Arsenal and declared that he managed to make an incredible progress.

“What can I say about Robin? I saw him come in here and at the very beginning he wasn’t the easiest guy to deal with, like I wasn’t I guess,” said Henry. “But it’s amazing to see how he has improved.”

“That tells you how intelligent a player he is. I’m just in admiration. Thank God he is playing for us and doing well.”

“It’s nice to see a player improve. What van Persie is doing now, in terms of, not just goals, but ratio of goals, apart from Ronaldo and Messi it is ridiculous.”

“He is doing something amazing. That also tells you how important it is for him to not get injured.”

“He has never had a chance to have a full season since he has been here – he was always out for two or three months. For the first time he can go on a roll now and you can see the difference.”

The impressive thing is that Henry is still calling Arsenal his team saying “he is playing for us”, so if that didn’t go right to the fans’ hearts I don’t know what would. That’s a real Gunner for you folks, one of the best Arsenal ever had and one deserving of the statue he has!

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4 thoughts on “Henry Heals Fans Hearts While Praising RVP

  1. Henry will always be luvd n appreciated by all gunners n I wish and always pray that RVP would have an injury free season then evryone will knw and also appreciate the stuff he’s made of,love u my captain

  2. Unlike that money grabbing Vierra lad, i dont care if he was an integral part of arsenal’s history. Luring a player(Nasri) from a club that everyone adored you to a rival club and also rejecting the chance to work for the club is a fcuking disgrace.

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