Henry – I can’t understand the abuse we got from Arsenal fans

The returning hero Thierry Henry was the subject of adulation and hero worship after scoring the winner on his latest Arsenal debut against Leeds last Monday, but he saw red after seeing the other side of the coin when the Gunners got beat at Swansea.

He admits he over-reacted when he heard the abuse being aimed at Arsenal players from their own fans, and has decided to make a public apology and to try and explain his reaction.

Henry said: “I was really shocked and disappointed on Sunday – and not just at the result.

“After the final whistle of a very tricky game, I insisted the whole team go and applaud the Arsenal supporters.

“When I arrived in front of our own fans, I couldn’t understand the abuse the team were getting from one of them.

“I wanted to tell the fan in question that we need their support not abuse. The sentiment was right but in hindsight could have been better expressed.

“So I would like to first and foremost apologise for using inappropriate language to that particular ‘supporter’.

“I didn’t intend to be malicious or threatening and am aware that it could have been said in a calmer manner.

“We have had great moments at this club but we are all in this together. We need your support in the good times but more importantly the bad.

“Let’s get behind the team against Manchester United on Sunday and try to get three points to get the season back on track.”

I am sure Henry didn’t often get booed in his previous stint at the club, so I can understand why he could have been shocked, but how often did the old Arsenal team lose to newly-promoted sides?

Did you see Henry’s face when Mertesacker had the ball two yards outside the Swansea goal and watched him shoot wide. He was just as frustrated as the fans…

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8 thoughts on “Henry – I can’t understand the abuse we got from Arsenal fans

  1. Come guy! We hv to admit that our team are not good enough to fight for level. But if we give them a good respont to them n are good support i believe they will always do better…. Just for info for all arsenal player what i see u guys play in very good football and what u guys miss is enjoyment in each other while playing football….. U guys play with streesfull i see no smilely face alot no more in winning time n losing time…. That mean u guys hv no enjoy in your game….

  2. Henry where have you been for the last four years? This is not the Arsenal you knew it`s a sporting francise not a football club.
    The fans have had to tolerate embarrassing episodes season after season whilst you made your millions and they`re entitled to vent their frustration. I`m sure it was not aimed at you personally.

  3. Very true Aussie Jack and never was it more evident than when watching Henry in a side so clearly inferior to the team that he left losing to a team that at that time were struggling back from the bottom of the football league.

  4. Igwe(i.e king)Henry.Don’t vex.That is what mr wenger caused to you and other reliable and dependable prayers we have e.g van perse,koscielny,szczesny. D DJourou,Ramsey and Arshavin are calamities to arsenal’s square.igwe talk honour wenger to buy good prayers.

  5. Arsenal fans have been tolerating this for long time.

    The reaction from any arsenal fan, nobody can blame them.
    We fans love the club, what club is doing for fans. Just simply doing their business.

  6. until know we dosn,t see any change so the fun is doing what they best so tt pleas understood

  7. Its not us getting behind them… we have been doing that for going on years without success.

    It is the management and board treating us fans like crap and the players never getting behind us … Its us vs them and thats not our doing.

    This is the worst side wenger has ever fielded at this club … over the last 2 years our playing style has been boring, slow and predictable. We let our best players go every other year and never replace them and what more we are paying more than anyone else in europe to watch this pleasure.

    Get the club behind the fans

  8. Wenger has failed miserably. He cannot get a better squad than the one we saw losing to Swansea because he cannot afford better players since he feels that keeping money is better than buying and keepping quality players. Le Arsenal lose coz that is what Wenger wants. I I wold rather watch matches involving other teams and only get to hear results between Arsenal and other teams than being embarassed.

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