Henry Wants Wenger’s Spot At Arsenal

Arsenal legendary striker Thierry Henry declared that his dream is to be Arsenal’s manager one day after Frenchman Arsene Wenger will decide to retire.

This would be a great thing because Henry will surely take Wenger’s legacy further and continue with the same mentality in order to keep Arsenal the unique club it is today.

“One day, but when is he (Wenger) going to stop?”, Henry said

“I’ve said, and I’ll always say, ‘once a Gooner, always a Gooner’. Every time I can, I always watch Arsenal. I’m in pain when Arsenal lose, I can’t take it well.”

“I didn’t like it when I was a player and it’s worse now. At least when you’re a player you can do something about it.””

Thierry Henry would make a great manager, but before he joins Arsenal he must first prove himself elsewhere, or at least activate under Wenger for a while. The striker has to learn a lot about being a manager before being able to take over Arsenal. Do you think he’ll make a good manager?

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3 thoughts on “Henry Wants Wenger’s Spot At Arsenal

  1. I don’t care wether he is a good manager or not, as long as Arsenal have him and he is with us, I wouldn’t care if we were in 2nd division. Just as long as the Arsenal blood runs throughout the club, I’ll be happy 🙂

  2. Most great footballers never get to be equally successful as managers. Conversely, the very best coaches/managers around today were never great footballers. But this does not mean that Henry will not make a great manager. It is a question of commitment, hard work, determination along with a good level of intelligence. Most people would agree that Henry has a good measure of these. We can only wait and see when the time comes. And, yes, it will be nice to have him understudy the boss for some years first.

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