He’s STAYING but how can Wenger fix Arsenal’s problems?

It has not been officially confirmed by Arsenal Football Club or the man himself, but all the signs are pointing to the fact that Arsene Wenger will be the manager of Arsenal for at least one more year. This season has seen the boss under more pressure than ever, though, and the fact that the decision on whether to stay or go was on the cards must have made Wenger realise that his position is not as strong as before and that the support of a lot of Arsenal fans is wavering to say the least.

So I assume, and fervently hope, that the Frenchman will be determined to fix the recent problems that have been holding the Gunners back. The question is, how? First of all he needs to identify the problems and I think I may be able to help him there.

One major problem we have seen with Arsenal year after year is our injury list which always seems to be among the worst in the Premier League and losing so many more player days than our big rivals clearly does not help/ He tried to address this problem before but it has not worked and so he needs to look in detail into possible causes abd solutions.

I think that a general overhaul of our training and conditioning methods is called for and |if Wenger is going to change that then he might want to think about a change in his approach to the players as well. It must be nice for them to see him as a father figure but it does not seem to be getting the best of them individually or on the whole, so maybe some tougher love is needed.

The third big area for me is our transfer policy and even if we somehow manage not to lose Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Hector Bellerin or any of our best players, it is vital that Wenger adds some real top quality in key areas of the pitch.

Sort these three things out well and I believe that Wenger could bring success back to Arsenal. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “He’s STAYING but how can Wenger fix Arsenal’s problems?

  1. So simplistic in your broad assessment of the situation. A major heart surgery is needed. He has to change his approach for a start but at his age how is this possible? You can’t go there and buy a winning mentality for a start. Leicester did it from beginning to the end last season which is something Arsenal has lacked in recent years. Xhaka, Ramsey, Walcott and passengers like them must be shipped out. They are just not good enough. He brought Sanogo to the club at a big salary. Why is that donkey still here? Walcott is more interested in the design of the jersey and boots than how he can score more often. Why is Wenger clogging up the heart of the club with all these also-rans hence the need for major heart surgery. I would have sacrificed his services but for the fact that he’d bought himself at least a year more by building that stadium. We’ve been dished out so much cold food that we now need a change of diet ND some real hot meal.

  2. He should sign a new contract then try a new formation and buy the best players to get success a 3-4-3 is the way forward

  3. since wenger don’t want to go out in peace…I want my childhood club arsenal to fail not to go to champions league next season….let me see how wenger, kronake and order of arsenal executives will feel…
    tell this man to go not sack dialogue with this man tell him what he is missing allow him to go to another club to show out his next plane of work.

  4. Arsene Wenger came fromGrampus eight in Japan. He has never built his own league winning side. His premier league titles where built on what George Graham had assembled. Another contract will mean even more destruction to the Arsenal name.
    The directors need to get real or go- no other major club would tolerate this. Arsene Wenger you may bean economist but your not a football manager. I just wonder how long some of the Arsenal players would have lasted under Bill Shankley?

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