Higuain? Rooney? Are Arsenal going to aim for a “Galacticos Project”

It has been 9 years since Wenger had hold the league trophy and 2 years since Arsenal has played the final of any major tournament (if one considers it major?). Since moving to the dreaded ‘Emirates’ the moments to cheer had been very few. All we had seen are some moments to cheer here and there, whether it was the Carling cup final in 2011 or the win against the mighty Bayern side in last season’s Champions’ League. But most of the time it was the stars leaving the club for greener pastures and club being reluctant to part with the cash to bring in new stars to fill the void. Situations like the Walcott saga is just the tip of the iceberg of the larger systemic failure of the club’s contract philosophy.

If any of you had read the recent statements of Florentino Perez regarding him being ready to pay as much as 157 million to lure Neymar at Real or his ‘Galacticos project’ to bring in top talents at any prize around 30-40 million or even 80 for some special talent to play for the Spanish giants, makes a very logical response when we see the number of trophies Real had won during this period and the number of major tournaments they had represented. All this argument is further supported by looking at the amount of marketing revenue and sponsorship they had earned by literally selling these ‘Galacticos’ name to the fans. These stars not only bring in bags of talent to the game but their presence drags the fans into the stadium, the souvenir shops, and shirt sales will go through the roof.

‘High revenues each game’, Isn’t this what Wenger had been trying to achieve by building the ‘Emirates’. What if the new stadium is complimented by these top European talents giving fans a reason to cheer and the club some extra revenue to spend on Wenger’s favorite ‘Youth development’ programs. All this could mark the beginning of a new ‘Gunner Galacticos’ era at Arsenal which surely will make the club reach the old heights.

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3 thoughts on “Higuain? Rooney? Are Arsenal going to aim for a “Galacticos Project”

  1. How many leagues did the last galacticos win? David heck ham only won one league title in Spain…

  2. I don’t think the financial model of clubs like Real Madrid, Man. City are sustainable, where you have to spend a fortune each season for new players. I really don’t want Arsenal to go that route. It seems Man. U have found a decent balance, but though they won the league, they’re still behind the big continental clubs. It seems like the German models are the best, e.g. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund.

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