How many more blunders before Arsenal DUMP Szczesny?

I have got a sneaking feeling that Wojciech Szczesny is walking a very thin line with his manager at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is well known for being firmly behind his players, supporting them through their struggles for form and injury problems, as we have seen many times, most recently with Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby.

But the Frenchman also has a breaking point and former players have revealed that once you really get on his bad side, there is no going back, like we have seen with players like Andre Santos and Gervinho. Our Polish keeper could be getting close to this line, in my opinion.

If he was doing great things on the pitch, the recent revelations about him being caught having a sneaky ciggie after the defeat at Southampton would not be a big deal. But the fact that the keeper was directly to blame for that defeat after two blunders in goal will heap the pressure on.

And it is hardly the first time. Even this season, Szczesny had already made four mistakes leading to goals before the Saints disaster. And we have seen the same in previous seasons as well. Add in his motormouth of a father piping up to criticise Wenger and other players in the Arsenal squad, also not for the first time, and you have to wonder how many more chances Szczesny will get to save his Arsenal career.

What would you do with him?

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One thought on “How many more blunders before Arsenal DUMP Szczesny?

  1. Arsenal should sell Szczesny.
    Wilshere also smoked. Sell him.
    I saw Martesacker also made a few mistakes, we lost goals.
    Sell him.
    Do you remember Giroud and his red card?
    Sell him.I would like to mention that Wenger didn’t play Podolski like with MU and we lost game.
    Arsenal should replace him with another coach.

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