How would Fellaini fit into Arsenal midfield?

Many Arsenal fans have been calling for Everton’s Marouane Fellaini to join the club for a while now. He has just come off the back of possibly his best season yet and he claimed earlier in the season that he was going to leave Everton this summer but the reports have become a bit less regular of late.

There were reports a couple of weeks ago that Arsenal had made a bid for him but there has been no real news since then. The point of this article is to discuss IF Fellaini came to the club, where would he play?

As we know, there is a gap in the Arsenal squad at the moment, defensive midfield. Since Alex Song left, Abou Diaby has been the only player who has the required attributes to play there and protect the defence but he spends most of his time injured and that has led to Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey playing there.

Fellaini began his career in that position and has slowly been moved into more advanced positions by David Moyes at Everton and he hasn’t played as a proper defensive midfielder for a couple of years now. He does have the ability to play there but would it take away his good attacking ability?

Of course the club could buy another player to play in defensive midfield and maybe even try Vermaelen there and Fellaini could play in an advanced position. There is a problem with this too though as Arsenal have plenty of players who belong there.

Santi Cazorla, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere have all played in and around the position and there simply isn’t room for Fellaini.

Arsenal fans, help me out. Where would or should Fellaini play if he comes to Arsenal?

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21 thoughts on “How would Fellaini fit into Arsenal midfield?

    1. Correct. He can do either. And above all … he can redress the balance between skill and strength at Wenger’s Arsenal. I pray we get him.

  1. U cannot compare d level of football of fellani to diaby,ramsey,rosicky. Des guys r jus numbers. Fellani can score goals,assists n do d necessary markings dat arsenal ve lacked since viera left. Wenger shld buy fellani n des other guys shld work frm d bench. Dats it

  2. Instead of talking where he (Fellaini) will fit, why can’t you ask of yourself how competent was the team when Ramsey et al were playing his anticipated position and what happened when he played for Everton. Then you have the Answers atyour fingertips.

  3. Up gunners we need Fellaini to play that the defensive milfield role to help us win trophies next gunners 4 life

  4. Marouane Fellaini is naturally a box-to-box midfielder and so can play as a defensive midfielder and yet create offensive threat for opponents whenever Arsenal is attacking. That means that he can play with Arteta who can cover for him or vice versa whenever each of them go on the attack for Arsenal. So Fellaini CAN fit in at Arsenal…

  5. Owk pls stop calling Ramsy in d scout ,Fillami Is more better than Ramsy he is Utility player ,he can play any place in d middle. We need him in our scout

  6. This is exactly why fellaini should be brought in. He can play DM, CM, AM, Box to Box, Holding Midfield and 2nd Striker. Hell I reckon he could play CB and CF if needed and with that hair cut he can play in goal and block half the goal out (ok that’s stretching it a bit)
    But my point is that world class players are world class players no matter where they play. Players like rooney fellain and cesc do not come around too often which is why we should go all out to sign them if there is the slightest sniff of their availability. Fellaini could play the deeper role behind two attacking midfielders. He could play alongside anyone of arteta ramsey coquelin frimpong or diaby in the current dual holding midfield axis. He could be the box to box with any of those 4 playing the deeper role plus he could play the am role in front of those formations. If we went 442 he could occupy one of the 2 and he could play the 2nd striker in a 4411. The simple fact is the only other midfielder we have that could possibly do all that is diaby who is unlikely to be fit this year or may be ever. However if we did get diaby fit at least we would then have 2 similar players so we could rest fellaini on occassions. We also have a 3rd player in the academy that could learn from fellaini and to some extent diaby – Aneke. He could eventually replace one of the two. He is still only 19 so has plenty of time on his side.

  7. We need steel ‎​I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our midfield ATM and irrespective of where the guy plays he clearly offers that…

  8. Good question.

    Fellaini does not suit arsenal style at all.

    It may suprise some but Arteta and Ramsey both win more ground 50-50s than Fellaini, and both make more tackles, and Ramsey is actually a better tackler winning 90 of his tackles.

    In addition

    – both Arteta and Ramsey make many more interceptions
    – both are much better passers of the ball, which is important for Arsenal being a passing side..

    The one advantage Fellaini has in aerial ability, where he is heads and shoulders our CM choices (except Diaby).

    SO what about his attacking ability?

    Well, no doubt he was good for everton in the more advanced positon. But creatively speaking he didnt create any chances more frequently than Ramsey does, and certainly is nowhere near Rosicky or Santi.

    But he can hold the ball up very well, and is a great target man. His goal tally was decent this year. However, much of that is due to recieving some good crosses. Ask yourself how good the crossing is at Arsenal.

    I think Fellaini is agood player, but I’m really not convinced he fits at Arsenal; there appear to be many better options.

  9. @ teminga

    “Instead of talking where he (Fellaini) will fit, why can’t you ask of yourself how competent was the team when Ramsey et al were playing his anticipated position and what happened when he played for Everton. Then you have the Answers atyour fingertips.”

    When Ramsey and Arteta played CM together we won 9 out of 11 games (drew the other two), and conceded very few goals, and looked solid. In addition, with this partership and the Kos-Merte partnerships in place we cut down the number of errors from 34 in 28 games to 2 in 11.

    Is this the performance you are referring to?

    1. Well put, Frank. Agree totally. Fellaini is a decent player but not necessarily better than our squad players. And he seems to be way overpriced for a squad player.

  10. ‘No place 4 Fellaini’ is d statement of doz wu want to remain mediocres 4 life. If there is no space,den create one. 4 Christ’s sake wat are doz average players stl doing in Arsenal? Fellaini is a utility player dat can play any where in d midfield nd u ask where he wl play. I thought we said dat we want to strengthen d squad? Bring him nd let him be our goalkeeper!!!

  11. he is good bt to me not priority.what arsenal need is a good defensive midfeider maxime gonalon ,or wanyama aback up defender mica richards and two new strikers gonzalo higuian and stefen jovetic to play on the left .sale all the deadwood except diaby

  12. Chzcney gibbs, met, kosher ,richards wanyama ,arteta joveti,cazola .walcot girud. Subs. Fabiasky,monreal ,vamanator,rocisky ,jack,higuian the ox.

  13. Great players fit into any team Fellani is a good player. We need him will assist @ killing games. we tend to kill games off, he likes to give as much he takes. we need someone who can boss the game big games we shd b thinking about. his attributes are wat we lack in the middle of the park hence we always struggle to finish in the top four. these are players that can help us achieve that. he is above average hence his presence wld give the team depth that we lack @ the moment, look at how we struggle if arteta gets injured.

  14. Playing a midfield 3 of: Fellliani, Jack & Arteta will provide a great balance of protection for the back 4 and also good attacking options. All 3 of these guys can rotate between defensive duties and being the most advanced midfielder…..
    Love to see Felliani in a Arsenal shirt, but it ain’t gonna happen folks……

  15. We could really do with Fellaini. Sure Ramsey and Arteta did a great job toward the end of last season, but with Mert and Boss performing so well we only need 1 man to do their job.

    Sagna Boss Mert Monreal
    –Wilshere Cazorla-

    We get these two and i love the look of Arsenal.

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