Ibrahimovic – Wenger Will Regret Not Signing Me


Milan’s start striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic remembers that Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger showed interest in him back when he was only 20 years old and playing for Malmo, but the Swedish striker rejected a trial at the Highbury and accepted a move to Ajax.

Now very close to being opponents in the Champions League Ibrahimovic is sure that Wenger will regret not being more interested in signing him when he was still a young kid.

“I shuddered a bit at Wenger’s eyes,” he said.

“He tried to, like, see through me or find out who I was deep down.

“He is a guy who takes up psychological profiles of the players.

“Are they emotional and stable — stuff like that. He is careful, as are all great coaches. I just sat quietly and was shy but after a while I lost my patience. Something with Wenger provoked me. He flew up from time to time and checked who was outside his window. He seemed to have total track.

“He then wanted me to have a trial game.”

“When I came to Milan, they presented a project to me and it is still going.

“I think this season we will win the title. In the Champions League, we will see what happens. But we have a very good team and we can go far.”

Ibrahimovic’s class would have surely been of true value for Arsenal, but we can’t attack Wenger for that because he’s used to being battered every time he brings a young bright kid from a small team like Malmo.

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