Icardi was never interested in Arsenal move this summer…


Arsenal were reportedly interested in more strikers than you can count if you were to believe every rumour told by the media this summer. From Alvaro Morata and Gonzalo Higuain, to Romelu Lukaku and Jamie Vardy, none of Arsenal’s big striking targets ever became a reality.

Whilst Jamie Vardy did openly have the chance to join the Gunners, it was understood that perhaps he was the only striker that Arsenal got into negotiations with (bar Lucas Perez of course.) The rest of the players that were rumoured, including Morata and Lacazette, may have never gotten the opportunity to speak to Arsenal, but one player who did was Mauro Icardi.

Inter Milan’s Icardi was quoted as saying: “The club invested heavily in the summer, bringing in quality players and this is an advantage for me. I want to win with this shirt. I want to stay here. I am comfortable in the city and I never thought about leaving this team.”

So it seems that regardless of whether Arsenal did ever get to negotiate with Icardi himself or not, it seems that the Argentine striker would have had no interest in joining the Gunners. It was a relatively long lasting rumour that changed from Icardi not being interested in Arsenal’s offer, to his wife, who his also the player’s agent, wanting Icardi to move on from Inter, with the Italian side reluctant to offer him a new contract. Eventually the rumour died out quietly, as Arsenal supposedly moved onto the next transfer target.

Arsenal eventually went on to sign former Deportivo striker Lucas Perez for a fee rumoured to be around £17 million. Lucas is yet to get a chance at Arsenal with less than 90 minutes in the Premier League, as Arsene Wenger presumably reckons that the Spaniard isn’t entirely ready.

Would Icardi have been a good signing for the Gunners this summer?

1 thought on “Icardi was never interested in Arsenal move this summer…

  1. Any player who can score goals is a good striker. Any player who can’t, isn’t. Time will tell.

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