Idiot talks absolute rubbish about Arsenal – What a shock!


Seriously, where do they get these people from? And when they have got them who decides to give their ramblings the oxygen of publicity?

Maybe I am being harsh but I don’t think so to be honest. It is not even as if the Gunners are playing Stoke City this weekend, so I am struggling to understand why the chairman of the Potters, Peter Coates, decided that his interview this week, reported by the Daily Mail, needed to include a dig at the Arsenal boss.

He was talking about his own manager Mark Hughes being the 2nd longest serving current manager in the Premier League, I suppose, so mentioning Arsene Wenger who is the longest serving one is understandable, but while he talks about the achievement of the Welshman in glowing terms, the much bigger and better achievement of his French rival is forgotten in favour of a few cheap jibes.

Coates said, “There is only Mr. Wenger who has been there longer.

“He has been there 90 years or something. He doesn’t like coming here though, does he?

“He wouldn’t come if he didn’t have to.

“I think his biggest nightmare would be the 39th game. Stoke vs Arsenal played in Detroit. Imagine that!”

Yeah imagine? Imagine having to play a second rate team in a place where their knuckle dragging fans don’t taunt you for daring to say that their over aggressive style of play is, well, over aggressive. Wenger will be absolutely bricking it at the thought I’m sure.

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