Arsenal have recovered from that terrible start to the season against Aston Villa, and three good wins have calmed the fans down and reinforced Arsene Wenger’s claim that there is good quality in the side. Even if you agree with him, it is clear to see that there is no adequate cover for these first team players, and they are dropping like flies.

Maybe we are just going through an unlucky period when it comes to injuries, but there is a theory that the reason Arsenal seem to have so many problems with players picking up knocks is because they are overplayed. Why are they overplayed? Because there are no adequate replacements.

Okay, Podolski has not been overplayed this season, but Wilshere and Ramsey also picked up knocks that might keep them out of the crucial north London derby against Tottenham on Sunday, and those could have been avoided. Both players could have been rested last night, especially as we were 3-0 up from the away leg, but because of the lack of quality cover and the need to ensure Champions League qualification they both played the whole game.

Cabaye may not be the star player we have been hoping for, but he would have been a good player to come in for Jack or Aaron yesterday. When Arteta is back then all four could be rotated, decreasing the risk of injury to all of them. The injury to Podolski significantly weakens our attacking front, but it could actually prove useful in the long term if it means that we go out and buy a replacement.

Vermaelen is back in training and should be able to play around the end of September, but his injury has highlighted just how short we are at the back. Szczesny has been looking better, but what if he has a problem or suspension? Sanogo and Ryo may have shown encouraging signs when they came on, but they are certainly not ready to replace Giroud and Podolski.

So forget about `special` players Arsene, at this point we will be happy with good players, just spend some money before it is too late.

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