Injury News Update. Wilshere Coming Back Soon?

Arsene Wenger keeps receiving good injury news lately, and it seems that Arsenal is close to recovering perhaps the most important player in the team except for Robin Van Persie as team playmaker Jack Wilshere’s injury is progressing brilliantly.

Despite having to delay his expected comeback, which was by the start of February, due to another stress fracture suffered at the same ankle, Jack is now on the road to recovery and he wants to be back in maximum 6 weeks in full swing for Arsenal.

Returning in 6 weeks means he will have enough time at his disposal to bounce back in the form which consecrated him and get the attention of whoever is going to train the English National squad at the time.

Although he still has quite some time to prove his worth, Wilshere still has to worry about being good enough to be called-up to the EURO after excellent performances by Parker and Lampard and after the return to fitness of Liverpool skipper Gerrard.

Whether he’ll be in the starting line-up at the EURO or not, Wilshere has to get fit as quickly as possible to help Arsenal keep hold of the Champions League spot they’re currently placed on.

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7 thoughts on “Injury News Update. Wilshere Coming Back Soon?

  1. Call me a pessimist, but I’m not getting my hopes up until I see him running out onto the Emirates pitch…

  2. Do you have a reliable source for this info… or is this just based on the rumour mill?

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