Invincible returning to Arsenal!

Arsenal announced yesterday that former Arsenal legend and fan favourite for many people Freddie Ljungburg will return to Arsenal as a club ambassador for the Asia Pre-Season trip and promote Arsenal during their tour. This may have little to absolutely no influence on the team as a whole but there are a few interesting points to consider that arouse around this story.

Ljungburg who recently criticised the team for celebrating the 4th place spot like a trophy will join up with the Gunners next week to set up a promotional trip and it made me think about other club legends that could return to Arsenal. Now I don’t mean that in the same way as Ljungburg’s role, all coming back as ambassadors, I mean it in the prospect of players returning and taking up real important, influential roles.

Thierry Henry always stated that he would one day like to return to Arsenal. I doubt he ever thought he would as a player, but he did eventually get that wish when he re-signed on loan from New York Red Bulls back in 2012. But he also stated that he’d love to return to Arsenal from a coaching prospective, and if I’m honest I can see Thierry Henry being the Arsenal manager in the future. He just has the passion, desire and winning mentality that I think the club could one day hire.

Appoint him alongside Dennis Bergkamp as Assistant manager and already club legends are returning. Bergkamp currently holds that role with Dutch club Ajax and so it isn’t completely implausible to happen. Adding Vieira and Adams to the frame you could have a real recipe for success and it could honestly happen one day. It’s not uncommon for former players, especially legends of the club to return in some managerial or coaching form. Our very own Pat Rice did it, and was replaced this season after his retirement with another former Arsenal player in Steve Bould.

Other clubs have also done this, with former Barcelona and soon to be Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola, who has arguably be the most successful manager in these terms of a return, but admittedly he didn’t inherit a fantastic side.

In context a managerial/coaching team consisting of these four named figures, possibly more would lack experience and possible the skills at this time, but the thing is I’m not talking about now, it’s the future we are focused on and in the future who would be happy with a passionate driving managerial force of Arsenal legends?

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