Is Alex Song Arsenal’s replacement for Fabregas?

Alex Song is commonly known as Arsenal’s defensive midfielder, but true to Arsene Wenger’s form he still wants the Cameroonian to join in with Arsenal’s attack with his new found freedom.

Wenger said: “First of all, if you asked Alex, ‘do you want to attack or defend?’, he would say attack,”

“He is naturally a guy who tends to go forward and he always had good vision.

“He has improved his technique of transmission. When he arrived here, the passing of his longer balls was not the best. But he was worked on that, improved on that and now he can combine vision with technique.

“I felt that, for example, the goal we scored on Saturday, before the last pass when he gives it to Walcott, that shows you the guy has vision. It is not counted as a final ball but it is basically one.”

So has Wenger finally found the elusive replacement for Cesc Fabregas? Step forward Alex Song!

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9 thoughts on “Is Alex Song Arsenal’s replacement for Fabregas?

  1. no not the man,rosicky is the man when he is fit,or play arteta on that role when jack returns he will play behind arteta,song will be the man for the number 6 roll,play them and see the result they will deliver 4 our beloved aresnal.

  2. Song and Arteta are two extremely well-rounded players. Both have elements of what makes Fabregas great, obviously to a much lesser degree, but combine that with better defensive awareness and much greater physical strength. I’m glad to say that Coquelin appears to be more of the same, but may well be better than both of them eventually, particularly on the defensive side.
    Ramsey and Wilshere are also extremely well-rounded, but could do more to replace that consistent forward-passing threat that fabregas gave us. In Ramsey’s case, I think we will just have to wait a little longer for him to mature, but Wilshere showed glimpses from his more withdrawn role last season, and I wouldn’t bet against him taking over that playmaker role next year and really owning it, assuming he recovers well from his injury.
    There’s also Ozgyazup, in the reserves, who looks very similar to fabregas, from what I’ve seen. Looking forward to seeing how he develops.

  3. For once,i thought i was the only one to have noticed this about alex song.yes he’s known as a defensive midfielder,but of late his through balls have been so important,something i had thought cesc had departed with.when we lost cesc,i was thinking we should also sell RvP since it seemed that there was now no one to supply him with the killer passes.something that cesc is greatly known to be good at..,then i remembered three years ago when we took on birmingham at the released rvp for the was not the best of through balls bt it got to him(rvp)to score.three years later,i think song should really be good at what he’s been practising and yes at the moment,he’s the perfect replacement for cesc.we still get the through balls,don’t we?so why not alex??

  4. Why are people fool by song he job is the defensive midfieder role and this season he been awful most game he sit in front of the backline watch the other team play football when he does try to do something he foul, we all.blame AA for the man utd goal buy watch the replay song could had come across and won that ball, I know Veria would had, song finish ball is.indifferent sometime good other times poor, he not the man for arsenal

  5. Song doesn’t possess great vision and it doesn’t matter because he can’t distribute the ball anyway. Defensively gets caught out of position, slows our attacking tempo down to walking pace…FABREGAS IS ON ANOTHER PLANET TO SONG. Yann M’Vila is everything Song is not, quick, decisive with great distribution. Unfortunately for us he’ll cost in excess of £20 million so that’s us out. As long as we keep putting up with mediocre players like Song and don’t spend what needs to be spent to finally try to replace Vieira we will always fall short.

  6. I think Koscielney is the new Fabregas! His distribution from the back is simply heart-warming.

  7. like I hava always said,song has been the most underated arsenal player.when a RB is available,coquelin should take the DMF position to allow song to move foward.he is simply a magnificent player

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