Is Arsenal Better Off Without Ramsey?

Arsenal managed an incredible win today against Blackburn Rovers simply squashing their opponents. Arteta was back on the pitch for the Gunners and he proved his worth like always, also showing that the club isn’t doing too well without his playmaking abilities at the moment, and Coquelin proved to be much better today than Ramsey was in any of the last few matches.

The thing is that ever since Arteta got injured and couldn’t appear anymore Arsenal had a lot to suffer and that was basically because Ramsey’s playmaking abilities are not that high and he keeps showing that unfortunately he’ll never get to the form and pace which consecrated him before he got injured.

Sure, Chamberlain also did a phenomenal job and so did other few players, but let’s just focus on the midfield where Coquelin, Song and Arteta had an amazing understanding, and even though he seemed to be one step behind Frimpong when the Ghanaian was still at the club, Coquelin proved to be an amazing asset for the club.

The young Frenchman proved his tremendous skills many times before, but this time he really amazed everybody creating danger upfront and putting in a very good performance at the back. All in all that seemed to be the biggest win of the game, the fact that Ramsey doesn’t seem good enough for the Gunners anymore and that he should be permanently replaced by Coquelin or even newcomer Eisfeld.

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45 thoughts on “Is Arsenal Better Off Without Ramsey?

  1. Bit of a reach based on that game. Blackburn were a shambles from start to finish. If Ramsey had played he might have had a great game. His form of late hasn’t been great, granted, but to say he’ll “never” reach the level he was at before his injury is nonsense. If there’s one thing Ramsey has in his favour is that he has time to rediscover his form.

    Coquelin had a great game, you’re right, and I’m a big fan of him, but keep things in perspective: he was playing at full-back against a team that rarely had the ball and offered little threat when they had. He had time and space to get involved and show his stuff and did well, nothing more. If he can do the same away from home against a top-four team when Arsenal are struggling to impose themselves, that’s when you break out the box of accolades.

    1. I strongly disagree with u on Ramsey re-discoverying himself. He is nt worth arsenal midfield anymore. Dats d fact, if he had playd yesterday’s match, we wuldn’t have gotten dat result, cos he is immobile, sluggish and lacks accuracy in most of his passes..

  2. I was definitely really impressed today. Walcott finally had an amazing game, Van Persie was brilliant as always, The Ox was a thorn in Blackburn’s defense, Song was magic, Rosicky is showing glimpses of what he was before injuries…but the player who I liked the most today was Coquelin. Skills (SERIOUS SKILLS), speed, versatility, power and vision. its quite conceivable that Walcott, Lennon, Adam Johnson and/or stewart downing are about to lose their Euro 2012 spot to Chambo. That guy has an end product to his game already. his shooting needs work tho. but as a winger, beats people, has step overs, speed and turn of pace, can deliver a final ball and makes intelligent runs. Bloody good player.

  3. where you watching the game! Rosicky was in midfield and couqelin was at right back! This is a very poor article

  4. This is stupid. Rosicky was playing in midfield not Conquelin, you’d know that if you watched more than the highlights. Also, Ramsey is still.improving and much better than Conquelin.

  5. Ramsey should be deployed to arsenal reserves.eisfeld should be given a chance and captain vantastic should be given d amount of money he deserve in order 4 him to sign a new contract with

  6. Firstly, Rosicky replaced Ramsey today and we saw the playmaking, creative difference. Ramsey needed a rest but I feel that Wenger should start with Rosicky now as he seems to recovered that explosive offensive side to his game, and supported by Arteta, it could be a deadly midfield. Ramsey I feel has been thrown into the deep end due to Cesc’s departure and he will develop into one of the best midfielders like Wilshere. Very impressed by Ox again and Wallcot was brilliant today, good team performance. This is the way we need to approach all games now, just be wary of conceding. Well done to RVP on his hat trick, also for being unselfish in the end, allowing Henry to score.

  7. I think you are being too harsh on Ramsey. You are right to say that he hasn’t done that well in recent matches, but you are wrong to say that he should be permanently replaced. You need to understand that he didn’t play a lot last season due to injury and this is the season in which he has really got involved in matches, and given his great work rate, poor Ramsey is really tired.
    Secondly, he ha been asked to do an almost impossible job-to wear Fabregas’ boots! We are unfairly judging him by the standards Cesc set. You need to give some respect to the young lad. How can you talk of him being replaced by Eisfield? The boy is still young, only 21 and will surely get better.

  8. Still doesn’t change the fact that we need some top quality creativity in the middle of the park. I hate to bring up Cesc in any conversation anymore but we always felt that he could pick out the magic pass to grab a goal. Can we same the say about Aaron? Sure he’s still young but his predecessor, Cesc, was damn near world class by the time he was 21 and Jack is just 20 and already a better player than Ramsey. As much as I love Wilshere I’m not sure he can be as good as Cesc, not many people can be. With Jack out possibly the entire rest of the season and Ramsey not being able to dominate a midfield we needed someone in January but we knew that wasn’t happening. Coquelin is defensive and being French he has a good touch but the intelligence and creativity needed to play in the attacking midfielder role is not his forte.

      1. But Ramsey wasn’t creative before the injury either. Sure he had a good engine but he was still way below the level needed of an attacking midfielder for a top European club. He never dictated the play the same way as Cesc and he never had the skill before the broken leg. Now he’s even worse – says alot about how overrated he was.

  9. I dnt think we are better without Ramsey but i do believe we are better with the Ox and Rosicky in the starting line up and Arshavin on the bench never t be used. Arteta doesn’t make enough forward passes for me and doesn’t have the creativity we need at Arsenal. He also slows the game to much and the opposition then has enough time to get back behind the ball. I feel Rosicky and even Benayoun offers the creativity that we need especially when the bus is parked in front of goal. Ramsey seems a little jaded and as do song from time to time. I would love to see a 4-4-2 with park and RVP being supplied with the passes from midfield.

  10. Is dis a joke?coquelin playd ritebak nt midfild…d persn who replacd ramsey was rosicky…sure u watchd d bak of d tv

  11. It’s unfair to rule Ramsey out when he’s still a young player who has been given a key role in the team before he was ready. If you looked at Rosicky or Arteta at Ramseys’ age they probably wouldn’t be able to carry a team creatively either. This is his first full season and, unlike Walcott, he hasn’t been given much of a chance. Walcott was superb today but is still inconsistent. On days like today you would say that we should keep him at the club but young players have good days and bad days. Not everyone can be as good as Jack.

  12. Coquelin was playing at right back. Also Ramsey is a good player with great potential and is just back from injury recently, he’s just got fatigue at the moment.

  13. I think the problem is that Ramsey is playing in a role that does not suit him. We would still do well if he was playing in the same role as Arteta and Song. Ramsey is not the creative midfielder/fabregas type that is expected to play behind the striker. Wilshere and Rosicky fit that role. I think Eisfeld will also prove to be good in that position too.
    I do not think for one second that Ramsey is crap and should be ditched from the squad. I believe he is insanely tired out, by nature he tries to contribute a lot to defending and in that role he also has to contribute a lot to attacking, so he is constantly running around. No wonder he has become slow and lathargic as of late. I think we should play Rosicky, Eisfeld, Arshavin and Benayoun in that attacking midfielder role with Ramsey, Arteta and Song playing more holding roles.

  14. as long as TR is fit.. there’s absolutely no doubt dat he should start as our AMC.. his passing was direct and sharp with lot of creativity.. Arteta,i love him very much,but Rosicky helps him to pass it forward.. Song’s solid as ever.. i love this TRIO combination.. it’s proven better than other combination.. and YES,I HAVE TO AGREE THAT WE’RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT RAMSEY.. Ramsey’s clearly not good enough.. no exhaustion or age excuse.. for the likes of kos,Rvp,Song,and Arteta also play in almost every game.. no age issue either.. Ox,jack,coq ain’t older than him.. Ramsey has no creativity,he seems confused when and where to pass.. it looks like dat he’s lost.. i’m sorry,but he doesnt cut it for me..

  15. Did you watch the match, because coquelin played at right back
    Ramsey isnt good enough for us, and we’ve had younger players playing regularly for us at central midfield before…vieira,cesc,jack
    I can’t believe i am saying this but i believe Diaby is better than Aaron

  16. stop comparing ramsey to coquelin. both are good – technically, athletically n intelligence, both are our players n both have a brilliant future = a brilliant future for the larger n more important arsenal!

  17. All season I have thought that Ramsey in a weak link in the midfield, right now Rosicky is better, and with the emergence of Oxlade on the wing it is a better setup. I think Ramsey will come around eventually, but he may be better off sitting for a while. Coquelin is fantastic. Arsenal are a much better team with Arteta in the middle. As for Walcott he had a great game today, but he has to keep the consistency up, and not fade away.

  18. Ramsy kills arsenal faster than anything u can think of.If arsenal wants to survive,get ride of Ramsy.and walcott should be coming in at 60th minute.

  19. Well done to all the players, team spirit was back. lets all get behind the team in every game applaud them stop knocking them. Ammo for the opposition. Let the team know we are 100% with them.( they need a hug when things are bad) just like we do. We should all enjoy this wonderful result, Remember,remember Feb’ 4th.

  20. I don’t believe that we’re better off without Ramsey. I just think that we’re much better with Arteta- remember he was out for a while.
    Arteta and Ramsey or Arteta and Rosicky, it doesn’t matter, just as long as Arteta’s included.

  21. Am I the only person tht actually saw that Rosicky played in the middle of the park with Song and Arteta.
    Rosicky for me had a great game he doesn’t get credit for plying in the middle. Since his injury he lost his pace but he has adappted changed his style and for me is a pretty good centre mid player now.
    These comments about Rambo are very harsh as he is still young and has played a lot of games he is just fatigued .
    Give the boy a break.

  22. Ramsey is still young and will get better but Rosicky needs to be starting more. Those always comparing our midfielders with cesc,re just ignorant. Must any midfielder arsenal ve play like cesc? Can’t they ve their own style of play?

  23. obviously you either didnt watch the game or have no clue what position is which! as for ramsey, the boy needs a rest he is so young and has been playing non-stop due to wilshere and diaby being injured as well as rosicky and benyoun not playing up to scratch, good performance from rosicky today though

  24. Articles like this really get my back up because they are so pathetic, Ramsey is a good midfielder with lots to learn and can be one of the greats in time, I get fed up with people knocking youngsters before they get time to grow, it knocks their confidence and takes even longer to recapture their form. The same thing happened to Walcot with the media knocking at every oppertunity, Be a proper fan and support the whole team!!!!!

  25. Don’t worry about Ramsey. Worry about Denilson and Diaby. Ramsey is a wonderful player to have in the squad and is only first choice because Jack is injured. I’d put Rosicky ahead of him personally but I don’t think he’s bad as a 5th choice midfielder, very good in fact. Coquelin looks good and might be close competition for him but time will tell, Coquelin is naturally a midfielder after all. Bearing that in mind I think he’s definitely worth hanging on to. We might not be able to sell Diaby or Denilson which is a worry but other than them the midfield is very good. It’s in the attacking positions that the squad lacks strength in depth.

  26. The player that makes the difference today was little Mozart, Rosicky. As for Ramsey, he just need to be rested as he’s off form presently. He’s still young and he’ll learn that experience will see him thru’ games even when one is off form.

  27. Although he hasn’t been playing well lately, Ramsey is a very good player and he will prove it sooner than later. So give him a break you players bashers.

  28. Let Ramsey turn to bench warmer to make him serious with the game. They all played very well today,I gave kudos to the team and I wish to see more performance and winning mentality. Gooners till I fade off.

  29. sup everyone! Glad we won by such mergin. Anyway to the topic; Ramsey as we know is a talented footballer a gifted one but needs to by more serious when playing. I feel he’s too casual for my liking. I’d go with song arteta and rosicky combination.
    Coq was really immence today but i would rather have him in the center instead of the right back. Up gooners

  30. coquelin was quality today, for a defensive midfeilder he has quite a bit of flair in his style of play, which is very odd but very cool. hes very good defensively, not in a macho frimpong way more of a technical n clean kosicelny way. Then as we saw today, he has very good ball control n good use of skill (not skill to show off, but skill to buy time and oppertunity) we should definately hang on to him n give him some time in his prefered position when we can.

    Regarding Ramsey, let me just say: it was so nice to see arsenal attacking without any inhibitions again. ramsey usually stops our own attacks or interupts them and passes back or side ways, always playing obvious passes that dont really contribute much to the attack. Hes really good and i expect great things from him, maybe he’ll watch this game and realise he should try to encourage ppl moving forward rather than forcing ppl to stay in their defensive positions.

  31. Ramsey,was chosen to replace Gas.When Gas is playing u can c the ball moving all over the attacking area,he passes the ball quickly for the attackers to score.Ramsey is not a bad player pacy,he has the chasing power,the only thing he has to do now is to take Gas videos and start watching,how to pass,releasing the ball as fast as possible,he has to stop robbing the ball.For now Rosicky , Arteta and Song to control the middle,if it stays like this we are heading for the top 4,trust me.Mr wenger Rosiky is fit he is faster in building our attacks,as u c today the ball was moving keep rombo on the bench 4 him to learn from the boss Rosicky.

  32. Aaron still has a lot to offer.lets not judge him harshly.he knows wat to do wen the going gets tough.

  33. Aaron Ramsey and Gevinho seem to have something in common. Both are very good players but panic in front of goal.
    If this can be overcome then Arsenal will have a very strong squad indeed.

  34. Trow ramsey inside dustbin if u want to see arsenal win more matches. Use r7, m8, s17 in d middle like yestarday. Stop using ramsey 4 now pls.

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