In the run up to, and during, the January transfer window, the Arsenal fans were hoping that Arsene Wenger would be able to persuade Barcelona to sell us their Spanish international striker David Villa, The player wanted to come, Arsenal wanted him and Barca were hardly using him. After recent dealings between the clubs, Wenger probably expected them not to be too obstructive, but they were.

That probably infuriated Le Prof, and there was speculation that he stated that the transfer would not be possible this summer. According to the Spanish website, however, the deal could be back on. Apparently, three Premier League clubs have spoken to Barcelona about signing 31-year old Villa and they believe one of them to be the Gunners.

Barcelona are willing to sell, as they have signed Neymar, but they are insisting on 14 million euros, which is a little less than £12 million. As long as they get that much, the choice of club is up to Villa. The other two interested teams are supposedly Tottenham and Liverpool, so Arsenal would be the clear favourites if we meet the asking price. So the ball is firmly in Wenger’s court.

Personally I would like to see Villa in an Arsenal shirt next season, but I know that there are concerns about his age and the fact that he suffered a career threatening injury. Add to that the possibility that Wenger is unhappy about the way Barcelona have conducted their transfer dealings with Arsenal, and the transfer is hanging by a thread. What would you do?

4 thoughts on “Is Arsenal one of the 3 EPL clubs to have bid for Villa from Barca?

  1. wenger should go for David Villa very fast,Arsenal needs a player of his experience to strenghten the team,the price should not be a problem.

  2. My favourite choices for striker are Benteke and Higuain, and maybe a youngster for the future. £12m for a striker who has at best 2 years left is not so good.

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