Is Loic Remy The Forward Arsenal Needs?


Arsenal’s former target Loic Remy is now intensely watched by Liverpool as well. Boss Arsene Wenger wanted to bring him in a long time ago and has kept him under observation ever since.

With Tottenham now on the wire now for the French forward, Wenger will be finding it a bit more difficult to reach an agreement with Marseille on him. The French manager always looked to get a bargain out of his transfers, and with Tottenham also interested in Remy this will be a lot more difficult for Wenger to accomplish.

Harry Redknapp has been hustling lately to find suitable transfers for Tottenham because the manager wants to accomplish his Big Four dream this season and he knows that Spurs still need reinforcements if they want to be successful this season.

The 24-year-old forward managed a staggering 8 goals in 17 games so far this season, and he is of an incredible aid to the team managing to create gaps in opponents defences with his incredible speed and his quick thinking. A player like Ramy would be a worthy addition to any of the Premiership clubs, but he won’t come in cheaply judging by the interest he’s receiving.

2 thoughts on “Is Loic Remy The Forward Arsenal Needs?

  1. Typical of Redknapp to later scout what Wenger has seen months or years ago. Harry, no one regards Tottenham as a serious team. They’re laughable not even being able to progress to the next round of the Europa league which is only in its nascent stages. As if Remy wants to join a bunch of potatoes ready to fry!?

  2. He failed the medical a couple years back, he has one of those heart conditions which could spell trouble at premship level.

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