Is Mario Balotelli right for Arsenal?

One of the most eccentric and unpredictable characters of football Mario Balotelli has been linked to a transfer to Arsenal for quite a while now. A lot of Arsenal fans have surely questioned his suitability for the club, both on and off the field. We will start with how he will fit in on the pitch first.

On the pitch, Balotelli is one of the world’s most deadly strikers. With almost 90 goals in his young career, he is one of the most sought after young players worldwide. However, there are many instances where he allowed his emotions to affect his performances as clearly seen from his poor showing at Man City. Also, Balotelli is highly unlikely to fit into the Arsenal system as his ego will see him not pass the ball enough, directly contradicting Arsenal’s style of play.

Off the pitch, Balotelli is extremely ill disciplined. There has been countless cases of him not being able to adhere to rules set by the team. Many are saying Wenger will be able to tame his character, given how Arsene is so well respected in football. However, I believe the risk is one that is too high to take and he may negatively affect the team as a result.

What do you guys think about Mario?

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2 thoughts on “Is Mario Balotelli right for Arsenal?

  1. Arsenal + Wenger are best 2 calm Mario…2 hot headed pple cnt stay.Dats y he had problems wit Jose + Mancini.Wenger is a cold headed man…Mario can b tamed.If dats wat Wenger fears…its a pity.I beliv he dosnt wnt a direct competition 4 Giroud.

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