Is Premier League star right to doubt new Arsenal striker?

The new star signing Alexis Sanchez has yet to kick a ball for Arsenal yet, and already there are people having a go at him. I don’t suppose we should be too surprised, because the same happens whenever Arsene Wenger signs somebody, just look at the rubbish that came out of Real Madrid about Mesut Ozil last summer.

And the fact that is is the self-appointed voice of football, Joseph 1the fink` Barton that has cast doubt on the football credentials of Sanchez should not make you worry too much. But let’s have a look at what the QPR player says about the former Barcelona star, in a Daily Star report.

Barton tweeted, “Am I the only one not overly wetting my pants over Arsenal signing Sanchez? From what I’ve seen of him he is incredibly inconsistent.

“Yes, on his day he can light up a game. But as anyone who has watched Barca will tell you. His good games are as common as his bad.

“Whilst I think it will improve Arsenal. They still need more if they are to challenge for the title. Still think they need a bit of steel.

“He plays better for Chile where he’s the main man than Barca where he’s in Messi’s shadow. Will he be the main man at the Emirates?”

Nice of Barton to compare our French centre forward Olivier Giroud to Messi there, but I think he answered his own question. Of course Sanchez will be more an important part of the Arsenal team, although we will have to wait and see if Wenger tries him in the middle.

Barton is well known for saying controversial things and generally being a wind-up merchant. And just like this time, it is usually hypocritical. He seems to think he is the best player in the world, but has ended up with the bunch of mercenaries that is QPR, having scored less than 30 league goals in his long and less than illustrious career.

Sanchez has scored almost as many in his international career with Chile and is still only 25. As for being inconsistent with Barca, Alexis had 15 goals and 6 assists in his first season, 11 and 13 in his second and 21 and 15 in his third. I would love him to keep up that sort of inconsistency. Are we worried about Barton’s bellyaching?

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One thought on “Is Premier League star right to doubt new Arsenal striker?

  1. Honestly, I would have preferred the 6ft 2 inches strong, powerful and pacy Super Mario Bolotelli to the 5ft 7 inches small looking Alexis Sanchez. The premier is a tough and rugged league. Am I saying Arsenal didn’t know that? To me, Sanchez is a tiki taka kind of player. But Arsenal aren’t playing Barca style of football. For Arsenal to win the Premier this season where Chelsea, Man U, Man C and Liverpool are contesting, Arsenal will need the addition of some big, strong and pacy players that can take defences on and break through them. Arsenal are yet to add this quality to their striking department. If it is not late, please Arsenal, do me a favour. Alvaro Morata and Bolotelli should be signed immediately. If this will be, which I doubt. Which Striker will Arsenal sell or loan out to accommodate strikers: Giroud, Sanchez, (Bolotelli, Morata), Campbell, Sanogo and (Remy)? Yaya Sanogo? But I will like to see young Sanogo keep developing his football at Arsenal. But don’t mind me. I am just talking to myself.

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