Aaron Ramsey is a much changed player for Arsenal this season compared to how he performed last year and he is quickly becoming an important part of the team just two games into the new Premier League season. A lot of people are talking about the Welshman and there is now a real hope among Gooners that he could be on his way to being a world class midifelder.

For the last few years Aaron Ramsey has had the fans on his back and although some have supported him throughout, there has been a time where we have all wondered how on Earth he is still playing for a supposedly prestigious club such as Arsenal. He divided the fans with some having pure love and support of Ramsey, much like Wenger does. Whilst others groaned at every opportunity they could when it came to Ramsey’s name being mentioned.

However now he has silenced most of the fans as we begin to cheer his name and recognise what a quality player he is developing into. His performances at the end of the last season, as in the last 10 game run in to catch up with Spurs, the Welshman was absolutely magnificent. He was involved in all the play and although his stats didn’t particularly show it with just 1 goal in that time period, he proved to be an effective and important team member.
Into pre-season and he was still flying high and now he has carried on those performances to this season, proving to be an effective player in all three games played so far.

Ramsey works his socks off for the team and quite literally because he is a player with a real engine that never stops running. He may not be the fastest player of the bunch, but his stamina makes him effective throughout the game, whilst his strength also makes up for what is lost elsewhere.

Obviously his injury is the cause of his slow development over the past few years. He has struggled to regain fitness and when he has he often failed to make an impact. It’s certainly been a tough few years for Aaron Ramsey but I’m all sure we are glad to finally see the old Aaron back, the one we signed from Cardiff all those years ago. I’m confident this will be Ramsey’s season to shine and it will be the year that he becomes an effective and regular player in our midfield set up. Do you think he is going to be a true star for Arsenal?

2 thoughts on “Is Ramsey on his way to world class status at Arsenal?

  1. Yea.. Ramsey has been showing pure class. I just hopes he continues his fine form. Wishing him an injury free season

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