Is Suarez waiting to see Arsenal guarantee Champions League?

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you have started to get very annoyed with the whole saga regarding Arsenal’s interest and movement for Liverpool and Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez. I know that I have.

Aside from the fact that he is a very controversial striker, who seems to be in the headlines far more often because of bans concerning several incidents such as the famous racial saga involving Patrice Evra and the biting incident last season with Chelsea’s Ivanovic, which as a result makes him banned for the first 6 games of the Premier League season.

But despite all these reasons for why we as not just Arsenal fans, but general fans of football, have criticised the player over the last two years and for many suggesting that he shouldn’t even be allowed to be a professional anymore, suddenly we have all seemingly grown accustomed to liking Suarez and we’d be happy to have him in our team. But I feel we are simply overlooking the negative aspects regarding the player and calling for his signature in desperation.

To add even more spice to this never ending transfer saga, Suarez has now supposedly stated that Liverpool agreed to let him leave the Merseyside club this summer should they not meet the requirements that he desired, understood to be a clause indicating his wish to play in the Champions League. Of course Liverpool cannot provide Suarez with his desire, but technically neither can Arsenal as of yet because we too are not officially in the Champions’ League group stages.

There is certainly a lot to be discovered as this seems to be building a different story every single day to why Arsenal could secure his signature, or rather any possibilities that could hinder the North London club’s chances. Like I mentioned I personally have been drawn to liking Suarez over the last few weeks, whereas before I wasn’t a fan of him at all. I liked his style and he certainly has the ability, but is a player carrying so much baggage worth such a high transfer fee?

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