Is Theo Walcott Arsenal’s version of Owen and Torres?


Now please don’t get me wrong. I love Theo Walcott. There are few finer sights than the young Arsenal forward surging majestically past an opposing defender leaving his desperate marker staring forlornly at a pair of disappearing soles. And who could argue with his best ever goal tally this season of 20 and counting? Theo has never looked as good or as confident in an Arsenal shirt as he has this season.

Yet I can’t help but worry. Walcott’s main weapon has always been his blistering pace. It enables him to get into positions few other forwards could manage, and gives him an edge in any one-on-one encounter. His pace carves out opportunities from apparently lost causes and takes up much of the attention of opposing defenders, often leaving gaps for his Arsenal team mates. But does Theo offer anything else?

Certainly his finishing is improving all the time, and he has started to develop the coolness in front of goal that all great forwards need. In spite of that, the doubts linger. I think back to the promise shown by a young Michael Owen, another player with lightning pace who relied on stealing that extra yard to put him into advantageous positions. More recently, Fernando Torres looked invincible in his first season with Liverpool. But both of those players were shadows of their former selves after returning from lengthy injuries. Without the kind of pace they took for granted prior to injury, they struggled to make the kind of openings they’d been used to creating, and became frustrated with losing a vital facet of their game.

Obviously, I hope something like that never happens to the Arsenal ace. Because I fear that without his pace, much like Owen and Torres, Theo might not have enough else to offer at the highest level.


4 thoughts on “Is Theo Walcott Arsenal’s version of Owen and Torres?

  1. i am failing to find the point of this article. Theo has had a very good season for us and will be a player who will carry this team for the next few seasons. He has performed and been professional through the contract negotiations. i don’t see any point in put a cloud over his capabilities. Owen and Torres are very different individuals who deal with their own circumstances. Why they are now associated with Theo beats me. Every player is his own man who has good days and bad days. Theo get unfair comments at times and i hope he continues to develop himself and do well for himself and this team. I am glad he has committed for the next few years. Let’s all get behind him and support him. Wasn’t RvP a lot of promise before he had a full season without injury? Theo could be our next talisman.

  2. SIMPLE. Theo could be central in a 442 (or similar) feeding off a bigger forward. Or he will have to play wide if Wenger refuses ever to change from his one isolated central striker. That could not be Theo because he is not big enough … nor skilful enough on the ball. Pity because Theo has worked hard on his finishing.

  3. You are spot on about theo without pace he has nothing to offer. However rather than dump that pace let’s use it while we and more importantly he has it. What walcott needs though like every other player is serious competition for his place. At the moment his rival is chamberlain but I see chamberlain moving more centrally even as early next season. My only beef about walcott is his crossing although that is improving. Perhaps a new formation would suit theo I have always felt the xmas tree would be great for our squad or if not 4312 either way the 3 attacking spaces would be competed for by walcott podolski giroud cazorla chamberlain plus a fantastic new signing. If we felt there was room for more then rosicky gervinho ryo afobe eisfeld and campbell are in the backround. We would have a midfield of three which would give us more stability wilshire ramsey arteta are intelligent enough to manage that plus there is coquelin frimpong yennaris aneke and of course diaby. However I would add one absolute stand out midfielder to the squad. In defence we need a stand out keeper to replace fabianski and I would promote martinez to replace mannone. At full back I am happy with our 4 plus bellerin and meade as cover. But if sagna wants out then piczceck or van der weil would be superb replacements. At cntre back I would add one more top centre back to replace djourou and squillaci with miquel and hajrovic stepping up to the first team squad.

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