Is There More To Frimpong Than A Nervous Attitude?


Following incidents in which Arsenal’s midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong got into various riots on the pitch and culminating with the latest showdown with City midfielder Nasri, the Ghanaian is now worrying about what Arsenal fans think of him.

“Sometimes I’ll go on Twitter the day before a game to see what the fans are saying and people are suggesting I’ll deal with any players they don’t like – ‘Frimpong will get him’ and that kind of thing,” he told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

“They seem to have created a ‘wanted’ list of people for me to go for – I don’t know what they think of me!

“I think I’m going to have to make a YouTube video to show the fans the other things that I am good at. But then again, I’m not exactly Lionel Messi!”

“The City game was a great one from start to finish,” he said. “The boys did really well and I think I did decently too. We were on top of our game, Francis Coquelin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain did really well and so did the back four. With a very young side, I thought we gave City a really good game.

“Olympiacos was a hard game in a very hostile atmosphere. It was a shame we lost, but I’ve learned that I can play in an environment like that. I’m just happy to be playing – it’s always a pleasure to be selected.”

The midfielder should stop thinking about these things and start focusing on football. He’s been making good progress lately and just as soon as he’ll shrug off these incidents which make him look even more stupid than Balotelli, he’ll certainly become a great player for Arsenal just like Alexander Song.

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