Is Walcott’s place in Arsenal team really in danger?

Speaking in a latest report from Sky Sports, Theo Walcott has come across as either quite worried about his position amongst the club as one of the team’s best, and highly regarded players, or he is shedding some genuine light on the team’s possible transfer activity.

When Walcott first joined he was a spry 16 year old and so understandably wasn’t a first team regular, however as the years have progressed he has found himself to be more and more important to Arsenal, so much so that he is now an integral part of the Gunner’s weekly line up. However there are still some questions raised about his quality and ability, and it often leads to the debate of whether Arsenal should look for another attacking option. Well the next opportunity to do so is now open with the transfer window being a good few days in, however whether Arsenal will sign anyone in this winter period is still a question left unanswered.

On the topic of transfer’s Walcott said:
“To be fair that is for the manager to decide if he wants to go out and buy anyone, whoever will come to the club in January, if not it is going to make the club stronger anyway. It is always nice to have competition with players coming in, but January is such a difficult period in the transfer market to get players in, especially the top players. The boss has already said that he is looking for special players and we have got a lot of special players in that dressing room.”

I don’t quite know what to take from Walcott’s words because on one hand he isn’t lying when he states that “we have got a lot of special players in that dressing room”, but on the other hand it seems as if he is suggesting that he doesn’t want any more to join. Whether that’s Walcott being reserved about knowing that if another world class attacker was to join then he would probably almost certainly lose his starting space, or is he genuinely concerned about that fact that too many new additions can in fact hurt a squad, especially in terms of morale.

Should that be the case then I can completely understand where Walcott is coming from because, the team is undoubtedly playing well, and if someone was to come in and disturb the feeling amongst the dressing room then it could result in disaster for the Gunners. However the chance is it could also massively boost the squad’s morale like Mesut Ozil did and it could lead us to glory.

I suppose it depends on what kind of character you are to whether you take the optimistic or pessimistic approach but personally I think so long as Wenger keeps the main squad basis intact, then that key striker addition that is needed, certainly wouldn’t go as far to damage our title hopes for this season.

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