Is Wenger Paranoid Over Chamberlain Injury?

After what happened at the beginning of the season with club playmaker Jack Wilshere, manager Arsene Wenger is now afraid that the same thing might happen to new star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain if he overuses the player and gives him more opportunities than he can take.

“That is what happened to us last year with Wilshere, it was exactly the same.”

“At the start of the season you think: ‘I will play him 20 games, maybe 25’, but after they deliver a performance, they play 45 and then they play for the national team and then they get injured.

“It is very difficult to manage because people understand very quickly what kind of influence the players have and you want to win the game so you play them.”

“I don’t know where I have seen it, but 70% of the players who play very early in many, many games have stress fractures. In England the intensity of a game is higher.”

Wenger is right about this. Chamberlain is a kid and he’ll always try to impress even if that means not to stop when he feels he’s hurt or he can’t  do it anymore and that kind of pushing over the limit, even though it’s supposed to be praised, exposes the player to massive injuries which can even end his career. But isn’t Wenger now a bit paranoid about this after the incident with Wilshere? Should he really worry this much?

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5 thoughts on “Is Wenger Paranoid Over Chamberlain Injury?

  1. The coach is right…young players need time to fully mature, otherwise they risk burning out and being sidelined for months. Like Jack’s case

  2. I agree with Wenger. Over using him would be risky given our injury history. Gunner 4ever!!!!!

    1. But also our manager should be blamed.for example after winning a game in half time,why don’t you substitute your important players for the next game.

  3. dont be stupid! wenger is absoulutely spot on! over-using young players and playing them too much and heaping lots and lots of pressure ie. walcott’s case is a also damaging. This is why wilshere is out for the whole season! I think wenger should be very cautious with our prospects. which is why i tell him to buy proven quality instead, so we won’t have to over-rely on our youth

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