Is Wenger right to keep Arsenal transfers a secret?

Many people have often wondered why, when it comes to transfer targets and Arsenal, Wenger likes to keep his cards close to his chest and reveal as little information as possible to the media. Other teams like to be a little more public about their dealings, but it isn’t as common as a lot of people seem to presume and so it’s in fact not that strange for a manager to stay quiet on his transfer business.

With the media as eager as us Arsenal fans are to find out about Arsenal transfer negotiations, a question on Arsenal’s transfer situation was posed to Wenger at the club’s recent press-conference, during the team’s pre-season tour of Asia.

Arsene Wenger replied, “As you know the transfer period demands secrets and confidentiality, so I can’t answer the question”

The Frenchman, who has revealed he could soon sign a new contract, has once again blocked any attempt of the media to find out who will be coming or going from the club this summer and if I’m honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger doesn’t clearly know the answer himself. But the reason why Wenger likes to keep some privacy over the club’s transfer matters is so other clubs can’t find out about Arsenal’s business publicly.

Public announcements of Arsenal’s interest in a player have led to the club missing out on some top players including Juan Mata, who was close to joining Arsenal from Valencia only for Chelsea to make a late swoop for the Spaniard. The same thing often happens with outgoing players from the club and normally upon or during negotiations, Arsenal will ask for the deal to remain private until it is officially done in order to make sure there is minimal interference, however occasionally other clubs seem to break the agreement and ultimately the deal then becomes closed off. An example of this is believed to be of Yann M’Vila last year.

Ultimately, although it may frustrate you not to know Arsenal’s negotiations and having to deal with the silence surrounding the club, its actually far more beneficial then you may first think. The downside is we get the media frustrating us by posting conflicting stories, but that’s the life of an Arsenal fan during the transfer window I suppose.

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5 thoughts on “Is Wenger right to keep Arsenal transfers a secret?

  1. Bore off.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if wenger doesn’t know himself?

    Do you actually listen to yourself?

  2. What kind of a poker player shows the other players his hands!

    People need to learn to relax more these days!

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