Italian Rivals Looking To Take Everything Including Robin Away From Wenger

Arsenal’s star Robin Van Persie ha caught the attention of Champions League rivals AC Milan after the home leg, and when the Italians will come to town to face the Gunners next week Wenger will have to protect both the player and the goal if he wants to have a chance at going through to the next round.

Milan’s star defender found out about the club’s interest in the Dutch striker and offered his opinion on the subject saying that Robin is more than welcomed to join Milan at any time.

“He is a champion and all champions are welcome at AC Milan. He is a player who can bring many things to a team,” Silva said. “Defenses have a real problem in trying to stop him and it really is a pleasure to watch him play.”

It’s unlikely for Robin to join AC Milan with offers from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and a host of other clubs, but one thing is for sure, if Wenger won’t make some kinds of efforts to keep him at the club and if the Frenchman can’t promise to win a trophy with the Gunners soon Robin is unlikely to extend his contract which runs for another year.

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2 thoughts on “Italian Rivals Looking To Take Everything Including Robin Away From Wenger

  1. If we don’t make 4th place and the ECL it will be harder to hold on to RVP and harder to attract anyone else. That is the result of our squad descending from greatness in some 7 years while most other clubs have been maintaining high standards or improving eg. Spurs.

    As Merse rightly said last week. 7 years ago a bout one Spurs player would have made the Arsenal team. Now it is vice versa. Congratulations M. Wenger – not helped by Directors who know too little to pull him into line. We are in big trouble and it has been looming clearly.

  2. For once I would just like to get some explanation from the team management as to why they are allowing the team to go down like this. If the money is available then why is it not spent. If they don’t have the money, why can’t they just say we don’t have the money to spend. But it seems like they just keep the fans on a leash, and this is just wrong and disrespectful. I have been a fan for over 40 years.

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