It’s Sanogo NOT Campbell that Arsenal should send on loan!!

I am not the most aggro or outspoken Arsenal fan in the world, but I will be ringing Arsene Wenger to give the Frenchman a proper talking to (if I can get the number and he doesn’t just put the phone down on me) if the young Costa Rica international Joel Campbell is sent out on loan for the third season in a row.

Not only does the promising striker seem desperate to finally come and play for Arsenal, but he looks better than a lot of the players that have been given more than a fair crack of the whip in recent years. In fact, there is one at the club right now and his name is Yaya Sanogo.

I liked the lanky young French striker when Wenger threw him in at the deep end last season. He showed a great attitude along with pace and power, but he is as raw as an uncooked potato. Surely, with Arsenal looking to have some top strikers to choose from next season, it would benefit Sanogo much more than Campbell to spend all or part of the season on loan.

Sanogo needs games, confidence and a goal or two, while Campbell has all of them and just needs a chance to show Arsenal what he can do. Am I wrong?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Sanogo NOT Campbell that Arsenal should send on loan!!

  1. Yes you’re right Sanogo and not Campbell. If this is true and he also fails with Sanchez there’ll be a gnashing of teeth all round and his nibs will have a lot of his usual excuses to make.

    All I can say in his defence is that he’s already signed a striker and wants to off load Campbell why we’ll never know. Knowing him it’s probably about money. Good luck with the phone call although he’ll probably charge you for
    ringing him….

  2. Wenger is the best fool in this transfer period,other teamz have got 1 or 2 new playerz,and theyhigh profile players too,,but for arsenal non,what kind of stupid coach do we have,he should go and leave,his tenur is gone,we need a new blood in the coaching area,,in the Cf we need one of this,baloteli,higuain,martinez or even falcao,top strikers,,in the flank we need,grieman,di maria, one of them,RB WE NEED Serge aurier not debuchy,,AM We need lars bender or khedira, not schneiderlin,,then bring back campbell,,,please send me wenger’s cellphone number let me talk to him,,here is my cellphone number, 2347034503058,just send his number to this number(wenger),his is such a fool,we are in new era in this club,,this is a big club for cry not loud,itz not a lower club,,dont he have advisers in the club?,sign quality playerz please am beging you wenger.

  3. You just spoke out my desire, he also has d edge of being a utility player for arsenal when injury arises(which over d yrs is inevitable). Personally i dnt knw what arsene wenger is heading at. Is he turning arsenal to a french team breeding ground? Looking at remy to sanchez, sanogo to campbell and debuchy to ivory coast guy av forgotten his name. Its obvious dey r all beta wen compared to the french boys but going by recent report d reverse is d case. Also nt forgeting d lenghty rope given to diaby to pull. I just dnt nw whats up

  4. hi gunners frankly speaking campbell is far beter than oliver giroud and iwill prove it campbel is quick strong and swift he has strong dribling skills but giroud cannot dribble past oponent defender he is slow so we need campbell and sell giroud he is not the standard arsenal need for now

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