Jermain Defoe – You can’t write off Arsenal but I’m confident of Spurs win

The Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe is well aware that anything can happen in a high pressure North London derby despite Arsenal’s recent run of poor form, but with Spurs supreme confidence this season he is confident that his team can do the double over Arsenal.

“It means more to Arsenal than us. Obviously because of the way things have gone for them this season.

“I think it’s been a lot of ups and downs, where at the beginning they didn’t start too well, then they picked it up and then they’ve had a little blip again.

“But at the same time I’ve always said they’re a good team. You can’t write Arsenal off.

“In football it’s always the next game, you can change it in the next one and I think playing against us, it’ll be a different Arsenal from what people have seen over the last few weeks.”

“It’s going to be a difficult game but I’m confident, obviously, with the way we’re playing.

“We’ve got a really strong squad now and everyone’s playing well. Everyone’s firing and team spirit is fantastic which I think is always important if you want to try and achieve something.

“We’ve got a great chance to go there and get three points.”

Last season in this fixture, Tottenham came back from two goals down to beat Arsenal 3-2 so this is set to be yet another exciting game in this 150th meeting between the two sides.

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12 thoughts on “Jermain Defoe – You can’t write off Arsenal but I’m confident of Spurs win

  1. If the Arsenal XI includes names like Djourou, Squillaci and Chamakh then we`re in trouble against Spurs.

  2. pls i am tired of hearing those names jouru,chamack pls stop mention them on this site let focus on others. But am confidence it is going to be another massacre for arsenal totteham is not a team arsenal will play to gain their confident back.
    Its a pity to lost 4th position and start pursuing it again.

  3. i agree rex. These names should not be related to arsenal. Ready to lose fourth spot. Tired of injuries and watching wenger throwing water bottles again and again

  4. lets for once be postive and put our entire support for this team.hopefully things will turn out better at the end of the season

  5. Jackson,i lyk your confidence but,atleast,lets be practical a bit.if the team you wants us to support includes chammahk,djorou,asharvin,squillaci,etc,then,expect a shocker cos,they ll pack goals like garbage.But,i pray we present players with the winning mentality who’ll put their mind&strenght in the game..cos,many things are at stake in this game.

  6. No matter the bad form arsenal are havin right now: a derby game is always a derby game so i believe it to be keenly contested…i hope koscieny is back pls

  7. No matter what the situation may be Arsenal will beat Totheham for confidence that tottenham will loose against arsenal….I don’t want to see djouru,,Ramsey and squillachi even walcot should be on d bench….

  8. However much disappointments we get from the club, we funs should keep the support. Withdrawing the support will do the club even more harm. Its true such names like Jorouh freaks we funs alot n its high time the club brought in quality players

  9. Arsenal 2-1 Spurs @ half time.
    And then I hope we can defend well. til end of game. A win here will give us a run and potentially cut down the points btn us and Spurs as next game is Livpool vs Arsenal and Spurs Vs ManU. If we win and Spurs lose two the trot we might start believing again…GO Gunners

  10. I agree it is painful to always hope for the best nd stil lose games especially when you support a team like Arsenal, but come on, it’s a derby nd i’m sure we alll know what derby day holds. We are winning this match by the odd goal then we play the reserve team against AC Milan knowing that we need to rest players for the league, lets not forget that there is a trophy for 4th place.

  11. What a shame to hear from Defoe about Arsenal,this is guy that doesn’t shirt even when Arsenal cast out useless player called Adebayor can benched him at his club.Please Arsene stop insulting us,get a better stuff.

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