Jovetic not interested in Arsenal – never mind Rooney!

Arsenal have lost their best players season after season, the only thing I can think right now is who will go this summer? With players leaving every season like Van Persie and Fabregas I have realised that we simply cannot compete for the biggest players anymore.

The latest player Arsenal have been linked with is Stevan Jovetic who now seems to be on his way to Juventus after apparently agreeing terms with Arsenal which proves my point. Jovetic isn’t even one of Europe’s biggest stars but he is one for the future. The fact that Jovetic was ready to come to Arsenal but changed his mind as soon as Juventus showed interest just shows that we can’t compete with a club like Juventus. If we can’t compete with Juventus then how will we compete with clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea.

We have even been linked with Wayne Rooney in the last couple of days which is actually quite funny. This story is nonsense and im sure Stan Kroenke would be having a heart attack thinking about the wages he would have to pay to Rooney. Alisher Usmanov would probably be happy to pay his wages but for the foreseeable future we will not be paying anybody that much money.

We have also been linked with Polish striker Robert Lewandowski but he seems to be going to Bayern Munich or Man United if the move to Bayern falls through. I was hoping that Lewandowski would be a realistic transfer target and I prayed that he would come to the club.

It has even been said that Cesc Fabregas may be coming back to the club but I knew instantly that wasn’t going to happen. I wouldn’t even want him back but I still think he would not come back unless he was being forced out of Barcelona with no other options.

Arsenal fans may not admit it but we simply cannot compete with top clubs for top players anymore. We are priced out of moves for every player and we wont pay wages that clubs like Chelsea and Man City will pay. For future success we have to hope that the players we can get will punch above their weight and bring back an elusive trophy that we haven’t seen since 2005.

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24 thoughts on “Jovetic not interested in Arsenal – never mind Rooney!

  1. So true. It hurts to admit it but Arsenal never can acquire any good players. Though we’ve made a good number of them, we can’t keep them. Two things most of Arsenal’s investors love. A bargain n a profit. They don’t realise that cheapp, isn’t always quality. Jovetic would make a great buy. He’s young and still can flourish but as he flourishes, his pay grade would go up (something Arsenal can’t manage). Sometimes I hope we get knocked out of the top ten for once, so the investors get serious. Frankly its depressing (and we’re tired of praising a team that to be honest, doesn’t deserve its fans)..

  2. shutb up you cluelss tw*t this striker is no better than the ones we have not worth 25mill get lost why dont you

  3. you and your stories suck. I want to fight you. come to Indianapolis and we will trade shots. otherwise find another hobby.

    p.s. you suck

  4. At least for the first time for as many years, we don’t have to worry about who will leave this summer because we no longer have world-class player in our squad.

  5. The transfer window hasn’t even started and you’re already bitching about all the players we can’t sign? You should shut up and focus on our team winning the last two matches and qualifying for the Champions League! There is one thing I hate more than the stupid people who believe the transfers rumors they read online and that is people like you who just complains and whines at the end of the season about who we’ll get and who we won’t get…

  6. @ francis
    We have no world class players in our team and yet we have the best run of results in the ‘best league in the World’ and in line for yet another run in the champion’s league.

    What are you, a masochist???????

  7. “The fact that Jovetic was ready to come to Arsenal but changed his mind as soon as Juventus showed interest just shows that we can’t compete with a club like Juventus”. I stopped reading after reading this statement why? Because I realized that the article was nothing but garbage posted by another attention seeker.

    Arsenal never expressed interest in the player, apart from what we read in media speculation. The player never ever said he was ready to come to Arsenal apart from media speculation, which claimed that we had signed him. Now if you can base your article on speculation, and going to the extent of branding such speculation “facts”, then you are not worth of anyone’s attention.

    The following players were sold by Arsenal not because they were world class: Nasri, Cliche and Van Persie, because they had a year left in their contracts and they refused to renew the contracts. Fabrgas, because he was pestering for a move alleging DNA and whatever issues with Barca. It was even reported that we did not get his worthy because it was a forced sale. Song, because he was pestering for a move and Wenger felt it was an area where the company had many options.

    In the previous season Song was playing in a more advanced role than Arteta such that people started arguing that “he was abandoning is duties and going forward a lot”. Even in the preseason matches before he left, he was playing in those advanced positions. What that should have told you is Wenger had already made his decision in the 2011/2012 season that the man for the deep lying mid field role was Arteta not Song, and as long as Arteta was to be fit Song would fight for the remaining position with others like Ramsey, Abu, Coquelen, and Jack, with Tomas and Carzola alternating on the remaining slot.

  8. The press are wrong about Arsenal targets 90% of the time. Arsenal don’t need Jovetic or Rooney. Arsenal need Benteke or, even better, Lukaku. We will be disappointed this summer though. United will sign Lewandowski, City will sign Cavani, Chelsea will sign Falcao and Barca will sign Neymar which means that anyone signed by Arsenal will be disappointing. The club have placed their heads on the block by saying that they are ready to compete in the transfer market and I can see them being embarrassed yet again.

    1. If ManCity sign Cavani I thing Dzeko will be available. I’d take him. He is a proven goal scorer, reasonably mobile and has a physical presence.

  9. Its funny whn d afc fears in d transfer mkt..
    We’ll av 2 settle 4 avrage players, no superstars who want 2 cm arsenal again
    its very painful!

  10. Stupid article. I agree with tinalex…. Stopped reading properly after the whole juve beat us to him comment. Next time you should try writing a more realistic article that people will agree with, not this nonsical rubbish. Quick tip for a topic – How many agents link their players to Arsenal to try and either improve the players contract or force another club to make a move sooner rather than later. I think that just about sums up what’s happening in regards to about 98% of the players linked to Arsenal.

  11. I don’t know where Jovetic will finish up at, but I do know stating a player isn’t coming to Arsenal based on a few words is plain ridiculous. If you haven’t got anything concrete to write about, do us all a favour and don’t write anything.

  12. What is there to suggest Jovetic is not interested in Arsenal? Are you an Arsenal sadist, or what? What pleasure would it bring if he didn’t come that makes you sound happy to see him go elsewhere?

    Why do sound like someone who has never had an interview with anyone? In my view, when being interviewed, the interviewee answers only what they’ve been asked, nothing more. So if Jovetic was only quizzed about Juventus, why would he say anything about Arsenal? In his interview about about Arsenal, I don’t remember him saying that he would only move to Arsenal, but he expressed his desire to play the north London club and said he hoped to play for them one day. Does that mean he only thought about Arsenal so that saying good things about Juventus means he no longer wants to join Arsenal?

    How could you forget that in professional football players have many dreams? Cristiano Ronaldo dreamed of playing for Man United when he was still at Sporting Lisbon. Did that stop him from dreaming about playing for Real Madrid? Come on, Mr. stop writing childish articles like this. Your article is full of emotion other than reason. You said we cannot compete top players anymore. Isn’t Cazorla a top player? Was he raised at Arsenal or was he signed? Get serious man!!!

  13. Wenger must leave arsenal n go to psg or rmadrid-wen he goz there he shd start selling best players thre-tell th owners nt to pay big monies to plyers-buy cheap playyers-win nthng in ten years-go wenger go

  14. This guy, you are too negative. May be you should try owning a club so that you can buy those that you think can compete with the clubs you mentioned. I wonder how successful you are in your career with the level of negativity you have just demonstrated. We all know that there is a place for improvement but not as you are painting it.

  15. 1/ If he goes to Juventus it may well be because he wants to stay in Italy, not due to the relative status of the clubs.

    2/ The “rumours” are probably wrong.

    3/ He is entirely a player that Arsenal can do without.

    4/ Last summer Arsenal missed out on Hazard but got Cazorla. Who are you to say that Jovetic is the best striker on Arsenes’ radar.

    5/ The transfer market is far more complex than how you are portraying it, especially in a summer when at least four hugely talented strikers are likely to be moving. For example I agree with sj that if Cavani joins City the availability of Tevez, Aguero or Dzeko is bigger than the availability of Jovetic.

  16. It hurts that we couldn’t get Jovetic but in no way does it mean we don’t attract good players. We have always but the cash has not been with Wenger. Maybe now we have cash as he has revealed we might just get a couple of very good players

  17. What the hell, jovetic has not signed for can you possibly base your jaded opinions on media speculation. It shows you know nothing about football and obviously nothing about ARSENAL. are you sure your not a spurs fan? Idiot

  18. What a load of rubbish.
    If you know so much about who is or is not coming to Arsenal, please enlighten the rest of us!!!!

  19. Man, you are a glutton for punishment. Why wouldn’t Jovetic be interested in Arsenal? Arsenal is the fourth most valuable club in the world. It is one of the top ten most valuable clubs in all sports in the world. The revenue projected when the team first moved to the emerities is starting to come in . Financial fair play is about to kick in. Spurs who won’t make the top 4 again this year are going to keep Bale who is world class. Jovetic looks at RVP and sees that he can become that kind of player.

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