Kieran Gibbs is finally coming of age for Arsenal

A few years back Kieran Gibbs may have seemed like a fringe player that probably wasn’t going to make it at Arsenal but now after two very productive seasons, Gibbs has improved greatly and has become arguably one of the Premier League’s best left backs.

Forgetting about last season for one moment, not many will have forgotten about Gibbs’ defining moment so far. Arsenal are playing West Brom and it hasn’t been an easy game, after looking like we could be throwing the season away on the final day, Arsenal manage to get to the final minutes of the game leading the Baggies 3-2. Suddenly Billy Jones is in a lot of space inside the penalty area, he looks certain to end Arsenal’s champions league run, but then Gibbs manages to make a last ditch tackle that was worth around £30 million in revenue for the club.

It allowed us to remain in Europe’s elite and attract top players to the club once again; not forgetting we also finished above that other club from down the road.

It was a fantastic moment in which seemed to show every Arsenal fan what a great player Gibbs was turning into. He then followed up that season with another great one last season, proving to be a vital piece to our defence. Gibbs is often underestimated and although he now has Monreal challenging for his left back spot, I would still choose Gibbs every day of the week.

Yes we have an experienced, medal winning Spanish international defender amongst our ranks and it’s great to have such a talent but I feel that Gibbs is the main man for Arsenal and in my opinion is the much better player.

Although he can sometimes get caught out for being so far up the pitch and if you’re near me on a match day you’ll be the first to hear me complaining about his positioning but apart from that I feel he is a fantastic talent.

On his fledgling international career, I’m not going to go into the quotations but we all know he isn’t a regular England International. However with Ashley Cole soon to retire from International football and Baines not being much younger, I don’t expect it to be too long before we see Gibbs featuring as a major player for both Arsenal and England.

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2 thoughts on “Kieran Gibbs is finally coming of age for Arsenal

  1. Gibbs is a good player with a great future. So is Monreal.

    As a club we need to change our mindset and stop thinking this sort of competition is bad. If Monreal has a great patch of form and keeps Gibbs out of the team this is GREAT NEWS.

    Gibbs will have to go away and work harder and force Monreal out of the side just like in the glory days of arsenal when players like Edu and Parlour were forcing their way in and out of the side competing with our first XI driving the team forward.

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