Koln Reject Podolski’s Move To Arsenal

It looks like Lukas Podolski’s move to Arsenal won’t be easy at all given the fact that Koln are ready to extend his contract even though the German striker basically destroyed the club’s values in an interview published earlier this week.

The striker also admitted his interest in Arsenal, but according to Koln’s officials they’re looking to extend his contract not sell hm.

“We have decided as a club not to tolerate this kind of interview but rather to sanction them,” he told Sky television.

“We will certainly make use of the freedoms we have in his contract of employment to clear things up and make it clear to everybody that even Lukas Podolski must respect the rules.

“It is not the first time that such a situation has arisen. We have got to make it clear what rights and duties the players have and that Lukas must respect them – they apply to every player.”

“Our position and our priority to extend his contract as soon as possible remains unaltered,” said Horstmann.

It’s interesting how Koln is ready to let everything Podolski said just slide, but the striker isn’t as lenient and he’s highly likely to ask to be let go. The Polish-born striker also stated in his interview that he’s looking for a possible move but won’t take a decision till the summer.

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  1. Weedz says:

    Koln will want to re contract Lukas because they get more for him when he leaves, simple The club may reject the transfer talk, but it`s the player who counts.
    Just ask Samir –I`m a c**t -Nasari

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