I hope the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is rolling around laughing as he hears the paper talk about Atletico Madrid wanting Santi Cazorla for £17M. It might not just be paper talk though as some of the media is claiming that Atletico’s chief executive is in London talking to Arsenal about the deal, although the president has denied the reports.

I think I would be right when boldly stating that no Arsenal fan in the universe would want to see Santi go for £17M. Well never mind £17M, I wouldn’t sell him at any price because of the way he has blended with the rest of the squad.

While the squad is away in Asia driving away from fans who are chasing them, there are all kinds of crazy transfer dealings going on all over Europe. Just yesterday we saw a record breaking transfer in France as Edinson Cavani sealed a £55M move to PSG from Napoli.

Arsenal have arguably been one of the busiest teams so far in the window despite only officially signing one player, Yaya Sanogo. However Arsenal have made a bid for Luis Suarez which was rejected. The bid shocked a lot of people including me but it is a sign of intent from Arsenal for once. The media expects Arsenal to go back in with a higher offer and we can only hope that is true.

There has been a lot of activity concerning Gonzalo Higuain for a long time now. The deal for him is in limbo at the moment by the look of things. One thing that should be certain for Arsenal regarding transfers this summer is Santi Cazorla must not be sold.

There is a lot of positivity going around recently because of the determination to spend and the players confidence in doing something worthwhile next season. Letting Cazorla go at this stage may bring back the familiar feeling of “what on Earth is going on” which is usually said at the end of the transfer window as we wave goodbye to our best players and welcome a bunch of average guys who normally end up in the reserves after their first season.

Cazorla is the player that Arsenal need for at least the next three of four years. He is the man to sit behind the striker(s), whether it be Luis Suarez, Gonzalo Higuain or both. Cazorla will be the man to provide them with the passes and runs so that the three of two of them can cause mayhem as they attack.

If Arsenal even think about selling this wonderful player, I for one will have doubts going in to next season no matter who we sign.

2 thoughts on “Lack of real news makes Arsenal transfer rumours go crazy

  1. I’m not sure about cazorla for 3/4 years. I am sure he is almost 29 so I would say in his position he probably has 2/3 years left in the tank. But we must not let anymore of our first choice 22 leave.
    Szczesney Fabianski
    Sagna jenkinson
    Mertesacker vermaelen
    Koscielny miquel
    Gibbs monreal
    Arteta diaby
    Wilshire ramsey
    Walcott campbell
    Cazorla rosicky
    Podolski chamberlain
    Giroud sanogo

    We then have 5 players that can leave santos gervinho park chamakh bendtner. Sell them and buy 5 players and we could be talking about trophies.

  2. We are going to have to go the the discount bin for a striker.

    With Napoli getting 55mil for Cavani, they can outbid us for Higuain.

    With Madrid getting money for Higuain, they can then buy Suarez.

    Chelsea will throw more cash and wages at United and Rooney than we can.

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