Latest Arsenal transfer rumour better be a joke!!

There are always just a few players Arsenal seem to be linked with every single season. In previous years it was Ibrahim Affelay, in others Yann M’Vila but I think that one player that has stuck around more than most is Salomon Kalou. And it is that time again Gooners.

I’m sure many of you remember Kalou from his Chelsea playing days and although he wasn’t necessarily bad in my opinion, I think that similarities can be drawn towards him and Gervinho. Personally I will admit that a few years ago when Kalou was out of contract at Chelsea, I was one of many fans that called for Wenger to sign him up. Some may call that stupid, others see it with reason but I always felt that although he was not of starting quality he always managed to have an impact off the bench I felt that what we lacked.

A few years down the line it seems as if Wenger knew best not to sign him up, however if the rumours are true then it seems as if it is something Wenger has come to regret in the last few seasons. Currently at French Ligue 1 side Lille, Kalou still isn’t exactly lighting up the pitch with fine form and he seems to have become more dormant in world recognition than when he was in England. But does Wenger really still fancy the Ivorian winger at Arsenal?

Personally I think the report in today’s Independent is a load of rubbish because if Wenger had considered bringing him to the Emirates then surely something should have happened or some light should have been shed in the past few years that we have been linked with him. The report is probably speculation being played in from the past, something that the media does like to do when the more realistic rumours become limited.

If Kalou was a real transfer target for Arsenal this summer then what would you think? Personally I think we all know that there are much better players available and Arsenal should be aiming higher, however in the situation that he is brought back to London, I still think he would be a good squad player, he’s got to be better backup than Bendtner surely?

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