Laudrup thinks Arsenal were lucky to get three points


The Swansea manager Michael Laudrup was decidedly unimpressed with the football on display in the second half of yesterdays game against Arsenal at the Liberty Stadium, and thinks that the Gunners only took the points because of a “scrappy goal” that gave us the lead.

Admittedly Michu blew a couple of chances in the first half, but considering Alex Chamberlain also hit the bar twice I think we could consider it even stevens….

The Swans manager said in this mornings Premier League News: “I thought it would be a draw.”

“In the first half we saw some good football from both sides. They had a couple of chances and we had a couple as well, with maybe the biggest one for Angel”

“In the second half there was much less good football in my modest opinion. There was a lot of play in midfield and not really many shots on target and I thought it was going to finish 0-0.

“But you know when things are like this that the first goal many times will decide the game, and that is what happened. It was a strange goal, but that decided the game.”

Well I am sorry Michael but the fact is that Arsenal DID score and you didn’t, and then we scored AGAIN! That doersn’t sound like a 0-0 draw to me!

8 thoughts on “Laudrup thinks Arsenal were lucky to get three points

  1. arsenal is nt swansea level,dt’s y u back d bus in ur post,but m sorri mr coach,n talkerthief vorm were d best,in tym of good performance

  2. actually Arsenal outplayed them and won the game at their home.thanks for the three[3] pionts got from michael proud boys.

  3. micheal forget about draw arsenal win with experience of there player compare to ur player

  4. He forgets how he got his two zero victory at the emirates. Two late goals against the run of play. Sore loser!!

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