Lehmann – Manchester City Are Amateurs


Former Arsenal glory Jens Lehmann offered a shocking statement in which he declared that the current English Premier League leaders Manchester City are nothing but an amateur team and that they didn’t deserve to go through to the Champions League knockout stage.

“Napoli have heart and passion and I liked them. It is good that they have gone through.

“We don’t want to see Manchester City in the Champions League.”

“They just make their opponents fall asleep with lots of possession. But to be honest, that is not tactically very demanding.”

“The way they play here is the way any amateur team plays, only not on such good grass.”

“They just pack men behind the ball, have five against two and just move the ball around. The goal then just comes from a fortunate circumstance.”

Even though Lehmann’s attack is somewhat unjust, you can see the frustration behind his statement. The former Arsenal glory was part of the team who went a whole season without losing one Premiership match and City did the same thing so far this season.

5 thoughts on “Lehmann – Manchester City Are Amateurs

  1. Yes they are an amateur side, they will soon drop form bcos they’ll be playing on thurday for europa then on sat 4 league, if care is nt takin top 4’ll be very very expensive 4 them, where they belong is where they are now

  2. A true gunner. He was right though they tend to under perform against great teams.

  3. Hundreds of teams must’ve got to December without losing. Comparing them to the invincibles is insulting and for players like Kolo to be saying that they are as good is just a joke. It’s the arrogance that makes everyone so happy that they were terrible in Europe. They are nothing compared to Barca or Real and with the money that they have they should be able to qualify easily. I look forward to us ending their run in just over a week and stopping all this stupidity.

  4. Jens jst said de truth. Manchester city are jst players of individual quality not a team yet

  5. Jens Lehmann you are a legend for having the balls to say that. Why can’t more athletes speak their mind? I understand they all have a public relations person to admonish them over what to say or how to conduct their behaviour, but once in a while these sort of comments are refreshing and honest! Thank God for that. Lehmann’s Invincible. He can say anything he wants!

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