Lemar transfer to Arsenal back ON as Liverpool target Ox?

One of the biggest, or at least the most often reported, Arsenal transfer rumours of this summer was the one about the young Monaco and France international star Thomas Lemar. There were apparently at least two bids and possibly more from Arsene Wenger according to the rumours, but as the French club appeared unwilling to deal after selling a number of their top players the story died down.

So Arsenal fans were understandably upset to hear that our Premier League rivals Liverpool could be about to sign the talented winger this week. Now that move looks off as well, with The Mirror reporting that Jurgen Klopp will instead focus on getting our own Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after the England international apparently turned down a transfer to Chelsea in favour of Anfield.

If this is true then the departure of the Ox could actually be good for the Gunners, as long as Wenger and the board get straight on to Monaco and get them to do the deal for Lemar with us rather than the scousers. It will probably cost a lot more to get the 21-year old than we will get for Chamberlain but at this point in the transfer window is it a case of needs must for Arsenal and Wenger?

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One thought on “Lemar transfer to Arsenal back ON as Liverpool target Ox?

  1. If we do not replace the players who have gone I can see us being relegated . It’s no brainier that we let players go in the positions then play somebody in that position who does not play in that position square peg in round hole. The management team is inept in their decision making calling themselves business people

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